Ethereum Price Analysis: Ethereum (ETH) Shows a Tremendous Variation Over This Week

  • Ethereum (ETH), with four major price variations in the last 7 days, roams around 180 USD now.
  • It may find the next comfort zone near 192 USD.

Ethereum in the last 7 days has seen huge instability and uncertainty as far as its value against USD is concerned. With four major price swings, the coin has been traveled from 219 USD to 174 USD over this week. However, the coin is actively pursuing a bullish run in the market. Before going after all the movements precisely, we should look at the current details of the coin now.

ETH Price Statistics-

  • Ethereum is currently 2nd largest coin in the market, and it rests with an ROI (Return on Investment) of 6.336.74%.
  • A total of 107,341,166 ETH coins are in current circulation.
  • The market cap of Ethereum as on 16th August at 07:42 UTC is 19,672,206,196 USD, and the value of each coin at the same UTC is 181.25 USD.
  • The value of each coin with respect to Bitcoin is 0.01839200 BTC.
  • The 24 h volume stands at 7,817,615,606 USD.

ETH to USD Price Comparison-

Ethereum Price Prediction
Ethereum Price Chart by TradingView

On 9th August at 01:25 UTC, Ethereum was at its peak of the month when it was being traded near 220 USD. Soon at the closing of the day, the coin faced obstructions, and by 10th August it was down to 202 USD. However, the coin soon stood up on its feet and over the next 1 day and 12 hours, it reached 216 USD. The third swing came as the biggest shock to the coin in the last week. It took away a whopping 41 USD from the coin and pushed it to 175 USD by 15th August. Since then, it has got a push of 8%, and now it revolves around 180 USD after touching 189 on the same 15th August at 23:15 UTC.

ETH Price Prediction-

As the second-largest coin, Ethereum has a huge users base. The strong fundamentals of the coin are likely to change its course soon. According to ETH Forecast, the coin would go above the 250 USD level by the end of the year. The details of all the next possible resistance and support levels are here.

Ethereum (ETH)
1st Resistance 192.5933333 USD
2nd Resistance 196.6866667 USD
3rd Resistance 203.9133333 USD
1st Support Level 181.2733333 USD
2nd Support Level 174.0466667 USD
3rd Support Level 169.9533333 USD

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