Ethereum Remains Stable but Volatile; While EOS Holds Determined Trade Above $3

  • Ethereum proves to be incompetent as it is trading below $190 from quite some time now
  • On the other hand, EOS has been persistently trading above $3 since October 26, 2019, till date
  • EOS price trend forms a wavy pattern while Ethereum holds a stable run

Ethereum, the ‘king of altcoins,’ has been sitting on the 2nd position in the global crypto market while EOS is ranked at 7th place, amongst the top 10 cryptocurrencies. These altcoins have been quite promising as EOS has recorded an all-time of $22.89 while Ethereum has soared to $1,432 in the previous year.

The past week has been quite a task for the investors as Ethereum has pushed the limits of volatility to a major extent when compared to EOS.

Ethereum vs. EOS Price Analysis:

Ethereum Price
ETH Chart Vy TradingView

As per the 7-day movement of ETH, we see that the price trend has been quite stable but volatile as it slid from trading at $193.45 to $177.55. However, currently trades in the mid-range at $185.22, notably away from the major resistance level $190 and $195. However, important to note that the trading volume has increased notably within the stated time frame. From recording the lowest volume of $8,087,991,830 in the said time frame, ETH at the time of penning down held $11,213,803,205 as its 24h trading volume.

The short-term, i.e. the 10-day MA lies slightly above the current trading price at $184.30 while the long-term MA (100-day) is $188.51 showing a difference of mere 1.74%.

The MACD of Ethereum is running above zero with a slight bearish outlook as the signal line crosses the MACD line.

The RSI stays put at 50, showing no extremities at present. Hence, based on price prediction by experts, the coin might regain its previous resistance in the upcoming days. Visit here today to find more details about ETH coin price prediction.

EOS Price
EOS Chart By TradingView

In comparison to what Ethereum price trend exhibits, EOS portrays a different picture. EOS has a wavy pattern of price trend, which pushes the coin to remain confined to a definite price range until it breaks out from there.

As rightly observed, EOS price trend gives the defined edges at the higher highs and higher lows trading price since the past 7 days. EOS has been traded as high as $3.59 and as low as $3.20 in the past 7 days, which holds a difference of over 12%. However, as notified, the 24h trading volume for EOS does not hold a greater change as ETH and currently remains around $3,305,250,282.

The MACD of the coin is running above zero with the signal line and MACD line running together

The RSI is inclined towards 70, holding a possibility to be overbought.

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