Ethereum Set to Become the First Public Chain in the Hyperledger Consortium

If everything falls into place, Ethereum may come to be the first-ever public blockchain in the Hyperledger Consortium. That would happen once the technical committee of the open-source board approves the Pantheon project proposal.

Backed by ConsenSys, Pantheon project offers services based on Ethereum. It is developed by PegaSys (Protocol Engineering Groups and Systems), a strong team of 50 experts dedicated to the enterprise-level blockchain at ConsenSys. Pantheon, which is an open-source Ethereum client developed in Java, is being used for building enterprise apps with dependable and secure permissions and privacy features. Thanks to its stable consensus, it can facilitate reliable and fast transactions.

It is also worth noting that Pantheon runs on Ethereum public networks, test networks, and private networks like Rinkeby, Görli, and Ropsten. Moreover, it can work smoothly with familiar Cloud, Java, as well as Ethereum tooling.

As per the reports, the proposal had been sent on 8th August in an email mailing list of Hyperledger. If the proposal is accepted, then Pantheon would be recognized as Hyperledger Besu (foundation or base in Japanese). Also, the approval will bring the protocol of Pantheon under Hyperledger which would join blockchain projects in the likes of IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric and Intel’s Hyperledger Sawtooth.

However, if the proposal is approved, then it will remarkably be the first instance where a public blockchain project would be added on Hyperledger. That means the official GitHub page of Hyperledger will publish the code of Pantheon, making it open for contribution from all the developers who are engaged in the project already.

As far as Hyperledger is concerned, it started its Ethereum journey with Burrow. The consortium, with its Enterprise Ethereum Alliance collaboration, intends to work on the general norms for the industry of blockchain.

Roxanne Williams

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