Ethernity & Chainlink: Safe aNFTs Minting & Evaluation

Ethernity, the online community platform renowned for the issue of authentic aNFTs of limited edition, is now focusing on incorporating Chainlink for the safe and secure minting and price assessment of aNFTs. aNFTs is known worldwide to represent the foremost artists and personalities of the digital multimedia entertainment industry. A part of the sale volume of the aNFTs shall be donated to charity organizations to assist the backward and vulnerable sections of society.

Chainlink, the top-tier Oracle solution of the industry, is of immense help in furnishing the platform of Ethernity Chain with external data sets and complex computations that cannot be executed at the Ethereum Blockchain. With the help of the collaboration between Chainlink Price Feeds and Chainlink VRF, every registered user of Ethernity Chain shall be able to get access to guaranteed and provably fair distribution facility of aNFTs through the ePacks. The best part about the distribution through ePacks is that there can be no unethical manipulation of ePacks by unauthorized third parties. These packs also deliver fair market rates of exchange for transparent minting and pricing of aNFTs.

The random pattern of distribution through ePacks enables the users to get access to rare aNFTs. The verifiable Random Function of Chainlink ensures the transparent and tamper-proof on-chain randomness of distribution. This distribution model preserves the rarity of the aNFTs as well. The deployment of the ePacks requires payment that the user can make in different currencies. The registered users of the Ethernity platform can check the updated data on exchange rates of cryptocurrencies and thereby determine the stable price of aNFTs. The platform offers the function of Chainlink Price Feeds in integration with Chainlink to enable the users to make payments in a variety of popular cryptocurrencies.

Scott Cook

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