Ethernity Chain (ERN) Now Available on Binance’s Innovation Zone

It is undeniable that Ethernity Chain is popularly known for its limited-edition NFTs and has developed a robust reputation in the last quarter. Several celebrities, sports athletes, and individuals have joined the team to produce new collectibles on this platform. Ethernity Chain has recently partnered with Phil Ivey, football Pelé, Manny Pacquiao, Marilyn Monroe, the Winklevoss brother, and Anderson Silva, and this has appealed to the NFTs.

The built-in ERN or Ethernity Chain tokens have several functions within the ERN ecosystem. For instance, you can use these tokens to purchase NFTs, stake them for rewards or use them for governing rights with voting. In addition, the tokens are bound by a team’s period buybacks through the platform profits. Once the token gets listed on a popular trading platform such as Binance, it can bring about thousands of users to the Ethernity Chain currency and its broader ecosystem.

CEO of Ethernity Chain, Nick Rose, stated that when one of the biggest exchanges in the crypto world plans to include a company into theirs, it becomes a great deal!

Ethernity Chain will be a part of the Innovation Zone in which creative assets that are potentially highly volatile will be introduced to the traders on Binance. Thus, there is inevitably a high trading risk Binance is about to take, but it does come with potentially greater rewards. To access Ethernity Chain and its listed tokens, interested traders may check the Innovation Zone official web page and fill in the questionnaire. The trading pairs come with absolutely no restrictions on trading. The trading pairs are ERN/BUSD, ERN/USDT, and ERN/BNB. The trading will begin today at 6:00 am UTC.

Ethernity Chain

Ethernity Chain is an excellent authentic and limited edition NFT project that auctions genuine artwork highlighting the renowned stars and artists from music, film, sports, tech, history, entertainment, and gaming. The digital artworks represent the NFTs or non-fungible tokens, and the work features famous public figures. Ethernity Chain also contributes a part of their funds raised from this venture as donations. In addition, it combines the NFTs with the DeFi utilities and creates a limited edition pipeline to collectible and exceptional content from famous figures and established artists.

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