EtherScore merge with Chainlink BUILD

EtherScore has officially joined Chainlink BUILD program with an aim to speed up long-term growth and adoption of the platform’s on-chain Web3 Reputation System. It has gained improved access to the leading technical support and oracle service of Chainlink and has incentivized a more enhanced crypto economic security by providing benefits like network fees to the service providers and community at Chainlink, including the stakers. 

EtherScore has been actively participating with a strong belief in the capabilities of Chainlink, and it currently uses Chainlink Any API in order to secure the platform’s solution. By participating in BUILD, EtherScore has come closer to Chainlink, providing added benefits such as getting Chainlink’s priority support, improved access to decentralized applications (dApps) that require rewarding and identifying their uses, and a solid incentive partnership between the communities of the two platforms. 

Through secure off-chain financial services, support of the vibrant community at Chainlink, and enhanced support, EtherScore will be able to spread awareness of the platform and reach mass adoption of NFT and soulbound tokens that will support EtherScore’s on-chain reputation system. The main objective is to develop a customizable on-chain reputation system that will empower Web3 products to reward, recognize, and find users in the long run. It will provide badges to its users based on their on-chain history that will allow its protocols to develop a solid community and reward members depending on their contribution. 

Developers at EtherScore will be able to create new-gen dApps by minting soulbound tokens and NFT badges via EtherScore. They will be able to create decentralized social networks, DeFi protocols, GameFi projects, DAO, and many more. This will provide exclusive services, rewards, and features to curated communities on the Web3 platform. 

EtherScore users will also get to share their customized profiles to present their on-chain achievements to other members of the community. Additionally, they will also play a significant role in EtherScore’s DAO, designed to allow community members to make governance decisions and familiarize themselves with reputation-based curation incentives and DAOs. 

One of the reasons why EtherScore joined Chainlink BUILD program is to maximize the reliability and security benefits that the Web3 Chainlink platform provides. For these beneficial services provided by Chainlink, EtherScore will make a supply of 5% of the platform’s native tokens available to the service providers and stakers at Chainlink. The two will share mutually aligned incentives, allowing both communities to provide support for one another.

Scott Cook

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