Ethos Achieves Big in 2019; Gets Added in Monetha Payment Gateway

There’s some great news for users of Monetha payment gateway and Ethos. Monetha officially announced on Twitter on April 25th, 2019, that Ethos has been added in its platform.

Monetha is a decentralized payment solution. The payment gateway works on the Ethereum based blockchain network that is designed with smart contract technology to offer simple payment solutions to its merchants.

The Tweet posted by Monetha has received notable likes and re-tweets, which included some enquiring about the probability of a price rise of Ethos. Looks like, the followers are eagerly waiting for the Ethos price rise. However, detailed information about including Ethos on its payment gateway was not revealed. Monetha still needs to come with detail specifications about the news.

Monetha’s goal and Journey

The co-founders of Monetha believe in technology and aim at enhancing the lives of millions of people across the world. Now, with the support of blockchain technology, they hope to develop a platform to make the internet a safer place to use.

Three friends collaborated for one specific goal and started working on it, formed a new company Monetha in 2017. The co-founder’s objective is “to make global commerce more trustworthy and accessible.”

One of the biggest achievements of Monetha includes the $37 million which it managed to raise within 18 minutes of its funding round. Monetha enables merchants to receive Ethereum and other coins that are launched on the Ethereum blockchain and automatically converts them into fiat currencies.

So those Ethos traders who had the desire to trade on Monetha’s payment platform are now able to do so and get the coin automatically converted into your fiat currency. It’s a progressive move by Monetha to attract Ethos users and a good step towards expanding its payment platform.

Ethos is a startup company and has achieved a lot in the previous year. Ethos being added in Montera’s payment platform is just the beginning of 2019’s achievement. Ethos is ranked within the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap.

In the start of 2019, Voyager a crypto broker acquired Ethos Token Issuer and Wallet for $4 million worth. Voyager and Ethos have been working together, and the acquisition will allow the developer teams of both the firms to work on a common goal.

Some of the main priorities of Ethos in 2019 are to develop Fiat Gateway, UI Enhancements, developing Institutional Bedrock Applications and Coin Integrations.


Ethos is a worldwide cryptocurrency wallet that allows users to make fast financial transactions by using various types of digital coins via computer software or a mobile application.

Monetha’s new move would help attract new Ethos users. Monetha’s payment gateway cuts transaction fee to a great extent, and Ethos users can now receive the money within a few minutes.

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