Ethos Partners with Simplex to Allow Crypto Purchasing Functionality via its Universal Wallet

Ethos, the cryptocurrency storing and tracking platform which operates in Blockchain announced its partnership with Simplex, the leading fraudless payment processing provider for the crypto world. The users can now quickly and safely buy crypto directly in their Wallet via their highly-anticipated update Universal Wallet v1.6. The partnership aims to allow and embrace crypto purchasing functionality through the Universal Wallet.

Simplex is a fintech company that provides worldwide fraud-free payment processing. They have a proven track record in high fraud markets. The company’s technology enables merchants, marketplaces and crypto platforms to process online payments with complete fraud protection and chargeback coverage.

The alliance between Ethos and Simplex will allow Ethos users access to liquidity and exchange services between fiat and cryptocurrencies on an international scale. Every purchase deposit will be directed to the SmartWallet of the user.

To start purchasing with Simplex, the user first has to download the wallet from the iTunes or via Google Play App-Store. After creating an account on the platform, the user is prompted to create the initial SmartWallet. Subsequently, the user needs to link their payment details by clicking on the “Buy Crypto” Button. After winding up any purchase, the crypto will display the payment approval in the Universal Wallet.

“Ethos is excited to offer a wealth of dynamic capabilities to consumers,” commented Ethos founder and CEO Shingo Lavine. “The Universal Wallet will become the most accessible way for people to safely interact with cryptocurrencies using innovative services such as Simplex.”

Ethos has built a financial ecosystem which they claim is open, safe and fair for everybody. It features an access token that enables anybody to securely manage their cryptocurrency wallets, keys, and coins. Their Universal Wallet eliminates the need to keep track of multiple wallets and private keys.

“We built a revolutionary platform to connect financial institutions with the blockchain,” reads their website.

“As Ethos expands its service offering, Simplex is proud to play a fundamental role in offering seamless, easy conversion between fiat and cryptocurrencies while ensuring transaction are completely fraud-free. We are able to achieve this thanks to our advanced machine learning AI algorithms and broad accumulated experience as security experts,” said Nimrod Lehavi, CEO and co-founder of Simplex.

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