ETN Drenched in Blood; Price Hovers Around $0.0038

Electroneum (ETN) price deals with the bearish trend. A few days back, the currency was seen moving with a steep upward movement. The escalation in price helped the coin in improving the rank.

If we look at yesterday’s chart, the coin touched the high at $0.004024 and a low at $0.003718. The volume marked on 14th September 2019 was $ 263,483. To understand the momentum more precisely, let’s read the intraday chart more deeply.

Current Statistics of Electroneum (ETN):

The chart for price analysis is taken on 15th September 2019 at 06:49:53 UTC from Trading View.

ETN Price chart

Yesterday, Electroneum (ETN) started the day at 0.0000003689 BTC. The currency jumped to 0.0000003905 BTC by 5.86%. The price fell to 0.0000003608 BTC by 7.06% in the later hours from 0.0000003883 BTC. However, the price immediately recovered to 0.0000003777 BTC by 4.67%. The intraday progression was marked as 2%. The day closed at 0.0000003760 BTC. Today, the currency fell from 0.0000003760 BTC to 0.0000003601 BTC by 4.23%.

ETN Price Prediction and Conclusion:

Electroneum (ETN) is a power-packed coin. The traders dealing in ETN know the excitement that flows along with it. The same has helped ETN gathering more popularity. Electroneum might not be at its best today, but in the next few days, we can expect a heavy recovery. The 24hr volume marked in ETN is $174,409. Out of 9,811,865,998 ETN coins, 9,811,865,998 ETN coins are circulating in the market.

We are positive that the future with ETN is brighter than anticipated. Electroneum (ETN) might close the year around $0.0080. In the coming years, the inclination in the coin might take the price up by 5% – 6%. The short term investment would give the maximum result the investors.

Trevor Holman

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