eTukTuk presale: Your path to earn $TUK tokens before its launch!

eTukTuk is a blockchain-based project developed to address the problem of carbon emissions through a sustainable transportation solution. eTukTuk’s presale is leveraging the realms of transportation by spearheading the most transformative mission and building affordable electric vehicle EV charging stations. This is a new environmentally-awakened AI-integrated transportation future that allows users to invest and make money immediately by participating in the sustainable transportation revolution of the eTukTuk project. The unique trend has experienced remarkable traction, focusing on projects with eco-friendly initiatives, creating positive ecosystems for all.

In this article, we will discuss the depths of the eTukTuk presale, shed light on its green $TUK native token, and take a closer look at the tokenomics and future roadmap of the project.

eTukTuk’s vision unveiled

eTukTuk has harnessed the great potential of crypto and Blockchain to allow secure transaction settlements. The primary goal is to create EVSE or Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment networks within different urban/suburban sectors in developing countries. eTukTuk has made its products affordable by collaborating with Local partners who help in equipment operation and installation. Additionally, eTukTuk’s ($TUK) token holders can reap rewards within its ecosystem by staking $TUK tokens at individual EVSE locations. As the number of transactions and stations increases, token holders will also gain substantial profits. 

Moreover, there is a popular perception that with a utility-driven approach, $TUK will emerge as the next state-of-the-art crypto Investment, allowing eTukTuk drivers to save up to 400% in terms of cost.

eTukTuk Tokenomics 

eTukTuk’s ($TUK) has a total supply of 2 billion, of which 21.5% is offered through staking. This reduced supply due to staking helps push the $TUK price, increasing demand. A majority of the token supply is allocated for the current presale, and around 300 million tokens are available for purchase by early investors. $TUK is currently priced at $0.04 per token and is most likely to undergo a vesting period of two months. $TUK can also be purchased at a 40% discount for $0.024 through a live community sale. After the presale began, over $695,000 $TUK tokens have already been sold.

How to dive into eTukTuk ($TUK) Presale? Step-by-step process!

To buy the native token $TUK of eTukTuk, follow the step-by-step approach mentioned below:-

  1. Go to the official website of eTukTuk – and navigate to the Buy $TUK Token tab on the right-hand top corner of the landing page. 
  2. Users can also connect their existing MetaMask or Wallet Connect or simply download the respective apps to create them. 
  3. Enter the $TUK amount to purchase. 
  4. The minimum purchase amount is $1. The equivalent $TUK amount will be displayed on the screen after entering the purchase amount. 
  5. Tap on Connect Wallet to select a digital wallet connected to the $TUK platform. 
  6. Enter the Confirm tab to confirm the transaction. 
  7. As soon as the presale ends, early investors will get to retrieve their $TUK tokens. 
  8. Claim $TUK tokens by connecting the crypto wallet and clicking the Claim tab.

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Solutions Offered by eTukTuk

eTukTuk has emerged as a groundbreaker in the world of EV innovation, redefining the production of EVs and propelling the transition towards EV-based transportation in developing countries. It aims to set new benchmarks and herald a new world of sustainable mobility solutions with Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) hallmark. 

Zero Emission Vehicles

eTukTuk has designed its creation with reliability and safety in mind, boosting heightened protection, unlike conventional TukTuk. The sustainability of eTukTuk extends to the local manufacturers using less than 200 vehicular components. The design, along with the intuitive approach, aims to cut down operational costs by almost 78%, allowing drivers to increase their revenue. Additionally, using an LFP (long-lasting and fast charging) battery has allowed eTukTuk to provide impressive safety features with an 8-year life span, offering lasting and robust solutions.

The project’s vision extends beyond blockchain technology as it builds strategic partnerships with Territory Partners to position charging stations for maximum accessibility. This shows eTukTuk’s commitment to introducing a holistic mobility solution to foster efficient and sustainable transportation systems in different communities.

eTukTuk Play-to-Earn Game

Apart from developing an app for drivers called the Driver App to help optimize driving routes while minimizing battery consumption using AI technology, eTukTuk is also building its own P2E or play-to-earn game to provide an additional exciting component within the ecosystem. The game is called the Crazy Taxi, which involves picking up passengers and dropping them off in the minimum time while avoiding traffic and keeping batteries charged. The game also allows players to earn $TUK tokens as rewards.

eTukTuk Roadmap & Future outlook

Q2 2023

  • White Paper released
  • Sri Lanka announced as Launch Territory 
  • eTukTuk unveiled at the World Economic Forum, Davos
  • TukStation launched as a Rewards App
  • eTukTuk’s Prototype unveiled
  • Power Staking Paper released
  • SL office opening 
  • Singapore office opening 
  • Capital Maharaja Group unveiled as the major partner for the Sri Lanka rollout

Q3 2023

  • Token Sale Commences
  • opBNB Layer 2 Sidechain reveal
  • Smart Contract Audit Completed
  • Smart Contract Deployed
  • Driver App dev starts
  • Launch of Buy and Stake feature
  • Staking contract deployed
  • Tuk Station hits 80,000 users

Q4 2023

  • First Charging Stations Installed in Sri Lanka
  • Official Government launch of eTukTuk
  • Passenger App begins development
  • $TUK Token Launch on CEX
  • eTukTuk Merchandise available for sale
  • Power Staking commences
  • Prototype Charging Station unveiled
  • First production facility acquired, and renovation begins

The future outlook looks as appealing as it is currently. The project plans to capitalize on the ever-expansive EV market size estimated to be $12 billion as of 2022. The market cap of global EVs is expected to increase to $141.08 billion by 2030 at 36% CAGR. As the first crypto automotive project to build charging stations, the future of eTukTuk is in safe hands only if the implementation of stations and staking mechanism occurs according to the plan. $TUK may become one of the best cryptocurrencies in the years to come as the project is expected to offer efficient charging systems, reducing costs by almost 75%.


To sum up, eTukTuk has created state-of-the-art EV charging stations to promote TukTuk drivers, encouraging them to use more renewable and sustainable transportation means by drastically reducing costs with the help of Binance Smart Chain and Territory Partners. The project encourages financial inclusivity and brings positive transformation to the industry. We have highlighted the project’s vision, tokenomics, the pre-sale process, solutions, and other features to help users make informed decisions before participating in the most awaited eTukTuk’s ($TUK) presale. 

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