eTukTuk to address wealth imbalance for the unbanked people

Among the most pivotal Blockchain and crypto apps we witness daily in real life are technologies that aim to transform the world through financial inclusion. Decentralized platforms like eTukTuk help empower unbanked populations worldwide who often rely on informal financial systems. Certain parts of the world, especially developed and underdeveloped regions, are home to massive populations of individuals who are excluded from the global financial economy. 

eTukTuk offers a possible solution to tackle the common financial struggles that most unbanked people face. The project has become one of the most recognized phenomena functioning as a decentralized AI and Blockchain-based transport system that aims to bring a groundbreaking sustainable environment to developing nations. 

In this article, we will discuss more about the global issue of 1.4 billion unbanked adults and how eTukTuk envisions addressing this problem using Blockchain technology.

The problem and eTukTuk’s mission

Unbanked individuals do not have any access to traditional financial services such as checking or savings accounts. Unbanked people are generally found in developing nations as they are deprived of any financial services due to low income, absence of proper documentation, or simply residing in regions that financial institutions underserve as they do not have any access to formal banking services. The unbanked population has to rely on informal financial systems or cash transactions that can be both more costly and less secure. 

As the world moves forward on a digital level, addressing the needs of the unbanked population is important for promoting economic growth and financial inclusion. Considering this problem, eTukTuk has entered into the picture in favor of the unbanked population with its mission to tackle the problem of financial exclusivity and pollution through the utilization of AI and Blockchain technology. 

By leveraging the decentralized Blockchain technology, eTukTuk is able to penetrate through the lowest section of the population in developing nations, provided they have access to the internet. Traditional Tuk Tuk drivers can be a part of eTukTuk to earn revenue and generate the same for the platform to earn rewards. The platform strives to create sustainable solutions with a culture of innovation to empower the masses and tackle the problem of financial exclusion. 

eTukTuk has immense potential to empower billions of lives, revolutionizing the transport sector in developing nations and beyond. Every participant in the ecosystem will get an opportunity to earn rewards in various ways, encouraging maximum participation and decentralization and reaching the unbanked groups of these regions.

Decentralized Identities

Decentralized platforms such as eTukTuk allow access to decentralized exchanges and digital wallets. This has allowed people lacking access to traditional financing infrastructure to participate in the global economy. 

eTukTuk aims to fill the gap for over 1.4 billion unbanked individuals by issuing verifiable credentials of high standards to eTukTuk drivers within the ecosystem. eTukTuk employs digital identities in the process of banking the unbanked. Using the digital identity solutions developed on Cardano Blockchain, eTukTuk aims to onboard several digital identities conveniently and securely. 

This initiative will empower eTukTuk drivers and other stakeholders on the platform to diversify their earning and income opportunities and create the most captivating use case for various Blockchain solutions. 

All individuals will require is a digital wallet and a stable internet connection to have complete control over their digital ID, autonomously proving their identities without requiring third-party verification.

Collaboration with Binance

eTukTuk works on a mission to bring efficient and sustainable charging infrastructure to developing nations worldwide that will benefit from its creation of a unique sharing economy model developed on Binance to improve the affordability and accessibility of transportation in regions where it is required the most. 

By leveraging the advantages of the Binance network, eTukTuk provides its drivers with a digital identity that can be used to buy power to charge their compatible EVs and eTukTuks at affordable rates. 

eTukTuk is one of the first Blockchain-based automotive projects built on the Binance Chain, and it is venturing beyond NFT, play to earn, and DeFi products to create a positive narrative around crypto market relevance. 

$TUK power stakers and territory partners are rewarded in $TUK tokens every time a transaction is processed within the eTukTuk ecosystem. The $TUK token staking system on eTukTuk is powered by the underlying autonomy and security of the Binance Chain network. This partnership with Binance will help eTukTuk onboard billions of digital identities to its network and allow drivers to diversify their income opportunities.


To conclude, eTukTuk empowers everyone to fight against financial exclusion and air pollution by participating on the eTukTuk platform. Rising fuel prices by up to 50% in certain countries have made it difficult for eTukTuk drivers to maintain their basic daily expenses as they struggle to earn enough money to support their families. 

Fortunately, with eTukTuk, drivers can enjoy lower operational costs and spend less on moving parts and maintenance. Moreover, efficient charging stations support drivers by boosting their potential earnings and offering various advantages to the stakeholders. 

Overall, eTukTuk has immense potential in empowering drivers and banking the unbanked through digital identities. Interested participants can explore the eTukTuk $TUK presale and remain updated through social media channels for active engagement on the platform.

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