Europe Now Allows You to Drink Cappuccino and Pay in Cryptos

The current dilemma for accepting cryptocurrency to buy or purchase products is that they haven’t received a credible certificate from all the businesses and firms. As a result, sometimes it might be confusing to understand where the digital assets are accepted and where they are not. But it is good to know that some motivational startups are adapting the crypto payments method as they believe that the future will demand so.

The change is coming from Europe for now, where the latest reports suggest that one of the startups has found their game by allowing cryptocurrency payments in exchange for coffees and cappuccinos. It is the Cyclebit startup realizing the potentials of accepting crypto payments and how it can bring a substantial change in both the industries.

Cyclebit focuses on cryptocurrencies and the payment system related to it. Their goal to merge payments with the food industry can help the cryptos can go mainstream earlier than expected. Their focus is primarily on enabling stores and business establishments to implement a rather faster and hassle-free crypto payment options for their customers.

One of the reasons that prevent the businesses from allowing payments in digital currencies is the yet-to-accept state of the assets. So the first thing for the company is to provide answers to such obstacles. As a result, they are starting with accommodating services and space needed to adapt crypto payments.

Drink Cappuccino with cryptocurrency

The Cyclebit has reached more than 150 establishments from Europe and South Korea which proves to be a beneficial number even for the crypto industry. Moreover, the plans are getting the support so they could adopt the modern payments and Spain is about to start with the payments any time now.

As many startups would claim that they are planning and discussing, Cyclebit is one step further than this, and they have rolled out the need of improving users experience with an easier ecosystem. It is why they have discovered a payment platform called Ibox which will help them to record their annual turnovers and make upcoming plans.

The purpose of a payment platform is to allow the merchants and business to get easier processing methods if they are ready to accept crypto payments. They will have to install an App which can run on IOS and Androids. The application will allow the payments to incur from online crypto wallets as well as the banks, which the company seeks as an answer for generous revenue.

Cyclebit believes that the current cryptocurrency industry is as complex as it gets. So they are trying out new ways and easier methods to accommodate their customers and merchants to enjoy easy-to-use interface. Now that they have found the support from various companies in Europe, you might expect to run in a coffee shop to grab your cappuccino in exchange for crypto payment. The time might not be too far now!

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