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European Blockchain Convention, Nordic Edition

Following on from a successful conference in Barcelona in 2018, the European Blockchain Convention is landing in Copenhagen on May 20 as the first international conference dedicated to the Blockchain Industry in the Nordic Countries, bringing together over 500 industry leaders, business decision makers, tech innovators and investors.

Over 35 visionary speakers will address the challenges and opportunities of Blockchain Technology on sectors including Finance, Public Sector, Healthcare and Supply chain through panel discussions and relevant keynotes. The conference will explore hot topics such as Decentralized Digital Identities, Smart Contracts, the regulatory threats & opportunities surrounding the technology and its current technical limitations.

The welcome address will be held by Cecilia Lonning-Skovgaard, Mayor of Employment and Integration in Copenhagen since 2018.

Speakers on stage will include representatives from EU Blockchain Observatory and Forum, World Economic Forum, Ripple, Maersk, Danmarks Nationalbank, Trustworks, Danske Bank, IBM, ING, Bank of England, IMF, IOTA, University of Copenhagen, PwC, Distributed Labs, Swiss National Bank and many more.

The event is an exceptional opportunity to connect with industry-leading experts and innovative tech start-ups within the booming Blockchain space in the Nordic countries and in Europe.

As an official partner of the EBC, Cryptonewsz is happy to provide you with a 30% discount on tickets with the code NEWSZEBC, expiring on April 25.

For more details: eblockchainconvention.com/nordic

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Event Information
Event Information
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