EuroSwap EDEX Is Not Just Another “Kitchen” Token

EuroSwap EDEX has come up with more announcements following the victorious closure of its first phase. It has moved on to the second phase of the Priority Session. The phased development has attracted the attention of everyone to the idea and practical technology that it carries. This signals the excellent efficiency of EuroSwap.

The Second Phase

The Priority Session has proved to be a lot more useful than an investor can imagine. The concept allows a developer to reveal the product in different phases. It is favored for the major reason that it serves a greater benefit to the early investor.

Every investor who gets onboard secures the advantage of receiving a personal service of the higher payouts at the best price. The concept of the Priority Session has been leveraged by EuroSwap EDEX in the most ideal manner possible.

Every phase had its objectives in pace. The first phase of the Priority Session was dedicated to introducing the work technology and official exchanger on the first pair of BUSD/EDEX while also introducing the product’s MVP.

The upcoming phase, or rather the second phase of the Priority Session, has set the objectives to emphasize more on how better is the reliability of the project.

The team has made a few announcements as well. These can be covered with the below-mentioned points:

  1. Presentation of the team behind the product.
  2. Enlisting on CoinMarketCap Calendar and CoinGecko.
  3. Establishment of the partnership with various major companies that specialize in marketing.

The present condition is being conferred as most favorable for anyone looking to get into the Priority list. This becomes crucial as the price is expected to increase by 2 times. It is also expected that the Priority Session will close earlier than scheduled due to the ongoing excitement. The date, as indicated by the developers, is December 04, 2021.

The price at present comes to 0.02 EUR or 0.0232 BUSD. An investment of a minimum of 499 EUR or 576 BUSD is required to get onboard. The same is capped at 74,900 EUR which comes to 86,500 when converted to BUSD.

Why EuroSwap EDEX?

EuroSwap — the European Decentral Crypto Exchange attracts investors globally with a feature to let you buy or sell the fully decentralized stock exchange.

This is not the only reason why one should opt for EuroSwap. There are two more benefits which can be listed as follows:

  1. Many tokens have been termed “kitchen” tokens. It is reassuring itself that EuroSwap is not one of them. It highlights a lot of potentials when compared to other exchanges. Some include BakerySwap, PancakeSwap, and BurgerSwap. Irrespective of the number of ways in which you measure the potential, EuroSwap comes on top every time. It is, therefore, depicted as not being another “kitchen” token.
  2. EuroSwap EDEX supports European crypto integration and it will help achieve common goals with the ECB faster. 

All the reasons, when combined, provide a great deal of satisfaction to prefer EuroSwap EDEX over other options.

On the current priority session, users can buy EDEX tokens

Priority Session is worth it. Investors have found it to be useful for a variety of reasons. Some of them can be quoted as getting personal support from the team and every other major benefit that the investor who comes onboard later will be deprived of.

The price is an advantage that the early investors get. The investors who enter the list later end up paying a higher amount for nearly the same units.

Anyone can buy an EDEX token by visiting its official website or connecting with a manager through the bot on Telegram.

The total emissions come to 746,000,000 EDEX at a value of 0.02 EUR, or 0.0232 BUSD. The total emissions are equivalent to the number of Europeans who can collectively hold at least one EuroSwap token. Last week, EuroSwap developers launched an automatic exchange for the first crypto pair of BUSD/EDEX. This proves the performance of the technology and allows early investors to make a purchase in less than a minute. 

Follow EuroSwap updates on the official community channels in the Telegram and Twitter social networks.

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