Everstake Joins Noether PoS of Cartesi

Noether PoS Delegated Staking Mainnet Beta of Cartesi is entering into a partnership with Everstake for the management of the staking pool throughout the full mainnet and the main network beta to be launched. The users who seek to engage in staking with the reference service provider of Everstake will be empowered to do so with the upcoming mainnet launch in October. Users can delegate to the staking pool of Everstake through the Cartesi Explorer. Bohdan Opryshko, the Chief Operations Officer of Everstake, expressed that he is honored to be a part of the Cartesi ecosystem.Through the partnership, Everstake will be able to provide the best staking services and be part of the state-of-the-art projects of Cartesi. 

Cartesi selected Everstake owing to the platform’s enterprise readiness and top-tier service grades. Everstake has the most robust infrastructure for staking on PoS systems. The Everstake platform also possesses the infrastructure and expertise for blockchain development, front-end development, and Dev-ops. Today, Everstake is associated with several significant market participants that include Cardano, Elrond, Solana, Harmony, Oasis, Chainlink, Polkadot, Cosmos, Tezos, and more. Everstake provides staking services to enable token holders and institutional investors to rake in profits from digital assets. The staking service platform of Everstake operates across multiple Proof-of-Stake blockchain networks with a team of expert developers, financial professionals, and blockchain technology specialists. 

Established by Attic Lab, Everstake operates with top-tier servers, advanced topology of networks, and speedy broadband channels that enable the platform to generate blocks at a rapid rate, offer automatic payouts, and have 99.9% uptime. 

Bruno Maia, the Head of Business Development of Cartesi, looks forward to offering the system of staking delegation to the community of members jointly with Everstake. Everstake is known for its perfect track record and undisputed position at PoS operations.

David Cox

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