Everything to know about Shib SSI, Shiba Inu’s Layer2 solution

Shiba Inu users are set to witness a busy month with the altcoin prepared to make multiple launches. According to a previous notice by Shiba Inu, the Ethereum-based altcoin will launch the Shibarium mainnet in August.

While users were primarily excited about the much-anticipated mainnet, Shiba Inu has topped everyone’s expectations with a new announcement. Altcoin recently announced its new L2 solution, Shib SSI.

Shib SSI or Shib Sovereign Identity will help users navigate through the complex nature of the Shib Ecosystem. SHIB also shared an official post to explain the concept of SSI. Sovereign Identity is a series of technologies and protocols that let users retain their assets and identities in wallets.

Contrary to popular belief, owning data is good for general users. That is why Shib Sovereign Identity aims to shift the standard regulations by helping Shibarium builders and members own and leverage their data fairly.

The proposition will open new ways for decentralization and trust in the virtual realm. Shib SSI will also offer new use cases that have needed addressing for decades. Shiba Inu will leverage the low-cost nature of Shibarum with the new Layer 2 solution to offer advanced value propositions.

Some of the use cases are – elevated business processes, fraud prevention, cost saving for businesses struggling due to inflation, etc. The new structure enhances the existing SHob governance structure.

The implications of the integration will be shared with the Worldpaper shortly. Given the complex nature of Shib SSI, the altcoin will need months of research to complete its development. However, Shiba Inu is planning to launch Shibarium much before Sbhib SSI. With Shibarium and Shib SSI in collaboration, Shiba Inu will revolutionize how transactions are conducted in the crypto industry.

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