Evgeni Malkin Addresses Cryptocurrency Startup Scam as “Garbage”

Evgeni Malkin, the popular Russian ice hockey player, was subjected to some critical allegations of being involved in a cryptocurrency startup scam as per a report that surfaced out from the Russian territory on social media handle, Twitter on Monday.

As per the report published by Sports.ru, Evgeni’s name was propounded as a co-founder of the cryptocurrency startup. The star player of the Pittsburgh Penguins team, Malkin has been revealed to have made an investment of $4 million in the blockchain firm and also supported its activities by being the face of the company. However, he was not engaged in any of the day-to-day operations of the company that were taking place in Moscow.

The official reports convey that the startup venture raised a whopping sum of more than $10 million through crucial funding rounds, which were led by eminent investors from the concerned industry for leveraging the operations of the startup. The company has been allegedly accused of not paying salaries to the development team of the project. With Malkin’s name being dragged into the scam, the player will now be subjected to legal proceedings.

Earlier on Monday, a reporter tried to question Malkani about the scam allegations by saying that “Geno, there was something on the internet ….”

Malkin’s response to the question has surely raised a lot of speculations in the market space. He countered the reporter by saying that “No. Forget it. It’s garbage. I don’t like that.”

When asked about his American passport, Malkin did affirm that he has two passports and is a proud Russian-American citizen. He added that

It’s my child, he has an American passport. It’s my second home. I’m here 14 years. Maybe he go to school. My wife’s here, I don’t like U.S. fighting against Russia. We have rules in Russia, you have two passports. It’s nothing bad. I’m okay about that, my child has two passports. I’m fine.

While addressing the cryptocurrency startup allegations, Malkin quoted that

I don’t want this right now, it’s garbage for me. I know I’m a good guy. I don’t know what to say about that. It’s a little bit crazy this morning for me, but it’s nothing bad for me.

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