EvonSys Offers Another Way of Integration to Ripple (XRP)

In a recent announcement, EvonSys has revealed that it has come up with a solution to integrate with Ripple XRP. The company has successfully implemented the Ripple XRP integration to Pega which is a prominent platform for digital process automation or DPA.

In their official announcement on the microblogging site Twitter dated 5th May 2019, EvonSys stated that this integration could be utilized as an accelerator by banks.

EvonSys further pointed out that a number of client implementations have already taken place, but the agreement of non-disclosure binds them from revealing its details.

The solution created by EvonSys integrates Pega Smart Investigate 7.1 with Ripple XRP SI 7.1. The purpose behind developing this integration is to offer the Power to Simplify™ possibly all the forms concerning treasury investigations, in a transparent manner, across a variety of channels, without losing out on a single context.

The integration would facilitate both – sending a single trustworthy transaction or making bulk payments easier with the use of a direct payment channel from one’s smart investigate execution or other Pega consumer service implementation.

The SI plugin by EvonSys provides Pega NLP functionalities with email parsing support in multiple languages. In addition to a simpler user interface, there is minor to zero ambiguity. It also makes lookups for business keywords easier and more maintainable so that false matches can be avoided altogether.

Trevor Holman

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