EWO Place Is Reinventing How Utility Tokens Are Used in Real Estate

Every time there is big news about cryptocurrencies in the media, it is mostly about the price. The token that is becoming bullish or bearish. However, there is not much news about the technology behind it. We hear little about how this technology is changing the lives of ordinary people. Suppose you are someone who is not only passionate about making money with tokens but cares for the idea behind it. In that case, EWO place is one of those companies.

EWO Place started in the UK in early 2016, at a time when people’s frustration of not owning a house of their own due to exorbitant prices was growing at a rapid rate. The project is on a mission to demonetize real estate and revitalize abandoned communities. EWO place recognized how urbanization has caused small European villages to lose economic activity and slowly become deserted. At the same time, real estate thrives in most picturesque places. EWO place acquires properties and uses locals to operate them. They don’t make money from rentals; rather, the company offers an alternative method to improve local communities’ economies where it operates.

So, how does it work? EWO place buys and renovates properties in local communities worldwide so that people can stay and only pay for basic utilities and the upkeep. EWO offers guests that decide to stay in their homes optional services like laundry, cleaning, guided trips, or locally sourced products. Tenants get a fairer rental experience by paying either very small or no rent on the properties they stay in. With EWO place, you only pay for what you use and not for your stay.

EWO place has its cryptocurrency called EWO tokens. It is a native token to the platform. EWO tokens can be used as virtual money in the platform. You can use it to pay for bookings, bills, or the extra services offered, including third parties. There is value in EWO Place for both the individuals using the platform and the communities it is serving. Suppose you don’t fancy the idea of moving; you can keep EWO tokens and earn returns from other people using the properties. Some of the payments made are redistributed as rewards in the form of EWO tokens, allowing users to cancel out their stay or gather more tokens.

In that case, it would be a form of Real Estate “Staking.” This is paid every week to the users as a form of high yield rewards through the EWO app. The EWO app can also serve as a wallet that makes it easy to buy EWO tokens with Fiat or swap Ether directly, using the official app. There is no need for users to link their bank account or cards to trade currency to use EWO services worldwide.

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