Ex-Ledger Chief of Staff manages to raise $2-3 million

The Ex-Chief of Staff, Jean-Michel Pailhon, has managed to raise for himself the amount of $2-3 million from soft commitments that have been made by private bankers, as well as family offices. However, the total amount that he actually requires to raise happens to be $25 million. This is for carrying out investment in NFT art. According to him, his focus happens to be on the non-crypto conventional investors, like institutions that happen to be in possession of physical art in their respective properties. 

In the case of a major amount of Web3 funding, the investments happen to be realized from Venture Capitalists of repute, as well as Web3 entrepreneurs. However, in Pailhon’s case, he happens to be also scouring possibilities with the likes of private bankers as well as family offices. He also happens to be reaching out to high-net-worth individuals, along with financial institutions. It was in the year 2021 when Pailhon attached himself to Ledger. Three years back, he happened to have entered the NFT scenario. At the present moment in time, he claims to be having a portfolio of 460 NFTs. 

According to Pailhon, his vision, and goal happen to be the roping in of fresh collectors, along with institutional investors, to the growing digital art asset class. With the severe investment policies in place, the general atmosphere does not seem to be very conducive for prime investment companies to carry out investments.


He seems totally inclined toward offices that are already possessing physical art. Bringing up case histories of names such as LVMH’s Louis Vuitton Foundation, as well as the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection, he is of the firm understanding that companies like banks and luxury brand outlets have been actively involved in corporate art collections for a long time. He strongly feels that the investors making contributions to him will be opening the doors for themselves to be obtaining further opportunities, along with exposure in the arena of NFTs.  

Trevor Holman

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