Excitement soars high as Avalanche partners with MetaOps

MetaOps officially goes multi-chain after the tactical game announces its partnership with Avalanche, bringing it to the network for the community to enjoy an unparalleled gaming experience. The 6v6 first-person shooter game with fast-paced, action-packed gameplay throughout the virtual session. 

A video announcing the partnership between Avalanche and MetaOps is available on the official YouTube channel of MetaOps.Furthermore, players get the chance to look forward to the Multiplayer gameplay approach.

Calling it the next-level stuff for the next-level community, Avalanche is taking extreme pride in the milestone that it has achieved with this partnership. The future has also brightened up with the possibility of getting a larger number of gamers in the ecosystem. Going multi-chain was a critical objective for MetaOps. It has now been achieved with the courtesy of Avalanche.

The network focuses on sticking to the gamer-first approach. This becomes evident from the fact that MetaOps is standing tall on that ground with a chance to connect with more gamers in the days to come.

Web3 is the future and is being built with bricks at the moment. Projects going multi-chain enable developers and gamers to connect borderless, allowing everyone to go global, literally. 2023 is going to be the year when Avalanche ignites its passion for not just getting gamers in the ecosystem but also accelerating the adoption of Web3 through partnerships like these.

The response has been phenomenal to the announcement, which was made through the official Twitter handle of MetaOps. Nice going, guys. Cross-chain is the way, says one of the followers who goes by the name Mr_Chacko on the micro-blogging website.

MetaOps responded, saying that it is eager to expand the ecosystem to more gamers in 2023. Meanwhile, one can follow the official Discord channel of MetaOps to get regular updates along with free access, which extends to their four friends as well.

MetaOps can be enjoyed seamlessly with 2 teams having 6 players each. Build up allies and challenge enemy forces to advance in the gameplay. Avalanche, known as the most developer-friendly layer 1, is the blockchain network that has been built for the projects to be scalable with ease.

Avalanche functions on the operations of smart contracts. It retains the pillars of being open for all decentralized applications. Users, or rather developers, experience a blazingly fast speed at a low cost for their projects. The partnership list is backed by names like Chainlink, Securitize, and Injective, among others.

The partnership with MetaOps for Avalanche follows the entry of Shopify to the network, allowing its members to design, mint, and sell eco-friendly Avalanche non-fungible tokens directly in their stores. Also, the payment product of the Suberra Protocol is going live on Avalanche.

Gamers are in for a treat with the combination of action-packed gameplay and blazingly fast experience. Knowing that it is backed by the gamer-first approach gives confidence to the community of gamers and developers in addition to boosting the adoption of Web3.

Roxanne Williams

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