eXFi to Revolutionize the Decentralized Trading with 100x Leverage

eXFi is a last-gen decentralized derivative exchange where users can trade perpetual contracts with low fees and deep liquidity. This innovative platform offers privacy and accessibility of a DEX with all of the benefits of a CEX. eXFi offers up to 100x leverage for various trading pairs.

The platform is developed in Layer 2 and facilitates low gas fees with quick order fulfillment. Traders can place large trade orders at the best prices without any KYC requirements.

How’s the User Interface of eXFi?

eXFi user interface combines the advantages of a centralized exchange with a decentralized platform. Users can use a quick access bar on the top to access trading pairs and switch currency pairs. 


Traders can enter their trade orders in USD or percentage at the order submission window. The information window displays all trade orders and history. Order specifications are readily available on eXFi.

Features of eXFi

Several security breaches have been recorded on various exchanges. Client data has either been stolen or lost along with their funds and identities.

eXFi is gaining traction as it offers a simplified trading process with security and privacy. eXFi has been developed with UI, scalability, and decentralization in mind. Some prominent features of eXFi are:

  • Complete control of private keys
  • Anonymous trading with a maximum leverage of 100x
  • A simplistic and user-friendly interface
  • Deep liquidity
  • Multiple collaterals for traders who can enjoy enhanced privacy

eXFi Security

Services & Products Offered by eXFi

Trading Pairs and Collateralization

eXFi provides a wide range of volatile & liquid currency trading pairs with crypto tokens and coins like BTC/USD and XRP/USD.

A unique feature of the eXFi platform is that it allows traders to trade all kinds of trading pairs without having any underlying digital assets.


eXFi, a decentralized trading platform has made this service live recently. Traders can use a maximum of 100x leverage to increase trading profitability, allowing them to borrow digital assets from an exchange and execute trade orders in a larger quantity than they normally would while maintaining a balance requirement proportional to the leverages used.

For instance, 1 ETH can be traded for $100 despite the cost being $1000 by using the leverage of 10x. 

eXFi services

If a digital asset is going to fall, then the trader may borrow, sell, and buy it at a lower price to repay the borrowing with profit.


Liquidity is often overlooked, causing consternation for the traders when the financial markets become illiquid, leading to price slippage and sways.

eXFi is excellent as it aggregates liquidity from different exchanges, allowing traders to remain calm while executing huge orders. This keeps slippage at a minimum and stops market prices from deviating from the global average.


eXFi offers high-security standards consisting of multi-layer and advanced security protocols with regular audits. Some notable security measures are:-

  • Real-time monitoring. 
  • SSL (secure socket layer) encryption protocol.
  • DDoS protection. 
  • Linking the email account to the eXFi account.

eXFi – How to Start With It Quickly?

  1. Visit eXFi.trade.
  2. Navigate “Connect Wallet” or “Trade Now” tab to proceed. 
  3. Click Connect Wallet and read the terms & conditions to link the MetaMask wallet.
  4. Move to the crypto “Wallet” page to fund the margin account with adequate collateral and start trading.
  5. Lastly, navigate to the “Wallet” webpage, choose a preferred crypto coin, and complete the withdrawal process.

eXFi trading

eXFi Fees & Payment Methods

eXFi provides the lowest rates available in the market on the most popular currency pairs. Details about market makers and market taker’s fees are as follows based on order type:

  • Taker: 0.019% (Limit orders)
  • Maker: 0.06% (Market orders)

The following pairs are available for trading, with up to x100 leverage:


eXFi trading platform is completely decentralized. Traders may navigate to the Wallet option and follow the instructions to deposit funds for trading.

eXFi does not charge any deposit fees except for a standard withdrawal fee. Deposits can be made in multiple cryptocurrencies. So, start trading in under a minute and enjoy limitless benefits with enhanced privacy and deep liquidity.

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