Exness marks 15 years in the financial markets

Exness, a multi-asset broker, recently completed 15 years in the financial markets. The celebrations were done in Cyprus by bringing together a group of partners, employees, and privileged clients. The company is known to offer a wide range of instruments, including, but not limited to, Forex CFD, Crypto CFD, and Commodities CFD. These are on top of social trading solutions and the different types of accounts available on the website.

The initial years of Exness were with limited clients and offerings. It has now expanded to a large number of regions, onboarding several customers with almost 688,245 active clients in November 2023. Exness is pretty happy with this number and expects an increase in the next report.

Key Achievements

The success of any brokerage firm can be measured by how many rewards are distributed to partners in a quarter. For Exness, the number comes to $140.8 million in the third quarter of 2023. Exness’s success is further strengthened by the trading volume effective in November 2023. The milestone reported on the official website is $3.9 trillion.

A lot of partners have praised the way in which Exness functions. This is derived from the offerings it extends. Partners can earn up to 40% of the firm’s revenue and up to $1850 for every client they help onboard. This makes Exness a trusted broker across the globe. Moreover, it ensures that the payout to partners happens regularly.

For customers, there is a provision for instant withdrawal that is available throughout the day and night. Withdrawals happen in seconds without any intervention from the manual process.

Exness was recognized with two awards at the Forex Traders Summit Dubai 2023. One reward is titled Global Broker of the Year, and the second reward is titled Most Innovative Broker of the Year.

Both serve as evidence of the multi-asset broker’s development despite facing intense competition from other firms in the industry. Furthermore, these rewards serve to reinforce the organization’s standing within the forex trading sector.

Innovations and Adaptations

Exness financial markets are driven by innovations and adaptations, giving them the dynamics of moving forward in the market irrespective of the prevailing conditions. This is evident from a list of platforms and tools.

Platforms offered by the brokerage firm include MetaTrader 5 and MetaTrader 4. Plus, customers can access the Exness trade application and Exness terminal. Tools by the company include an investment calculator, analytical tools, and VPS hosting, among others.

Exness was recently recognized for providing scholarships to three university students in Cape Town. This was the first time Exness had done so for students in South Africa. That said, there is a chance that the company will either expand the scholarship program or return to Cape Town and seek to enroll more students. The current scholarship was rolled out in association with the University of Cape Town.

This highlights a part of adapting to the changing environment because the transition requires more talent to come forward. This is possible only if industry players support students and back regional universities.

Future Outlook

Exness marks the completion of 15 years in the market. The celebration gets a thumbs up from the senior management, who talk about what the future will look like for the company. It has been made evident that there are at least more than 15 years of Exness in the industry.

The celebration hosted a session titled The Future of Exness, which shared that an interesting update has been lined up for the end of January this year. Moving forward, the roadmap has its sights on expanding the company’s presence and onboarding a larger number of customers. Partners have been identified as the key ecosystem components that could assist in attaining a higher status in the industry. Exness’s 15-year celebration was met by a lot of members from the community, all of them being satisfied that the future is indeed in safe hands.


The presence of Petr Valov, the Chief Executive Officer of Exness, sparked the aforementioned sentiment. They expressed readiness for the forthcoming developments and everything they may entail, further stating that hosting the 15th-anniversary celebration was an extraordinary and heartfelt experience.


Exness’s completion of 15 years in the finance industry is of significant importance. It brings hope and optimism in the minds of traders – experienced and novice, enabling them to earn a respectable share of profits. One main reason to use the Exness platform is the number of tools and services it offers.

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