Exnetwork and Omniflix Network Collaborate to Create a P2P Network

Omniflix Network was formerly known as FreeFlix Media Network. It is a P2P media network that focuses on creators and communities. Omniflix Network functions with the objective to enable creators and communities to create, distribute, and monetize their media assets.

The network ensures that every community interaction is managed for the benefit of creators and communities.

Omniflix Network recently took a step for the betterment of blockchain networks, companies, and communities. It developed modules, applications, and protocols that help them develop and work on the distribution and management of its media while also allowing them to monetize it.


A Crypto fund and incubator, Exnetwork Capital is made up of an experienced group of investors, traders, builders, and influencers. These also form a group that can be rightly categorized as exclusive.

Exnetwork Capital has mandated them to promote and raise funds for Crypto projects in the Crypto industry. This falls in line with the objective to bring Crypto projects into the mainstream.

Some of the portfolio companies include Orion Protocol, FTX Exchange, Thorchain, Polkadot, Serum, and Celsius. Their early investment has been in the likes of Star Atlas, MistNFT, and My Neighbor Alice, to name a few. These are in addition to several Gamefi projects.

Exnetwork Capital x Omniflix Network

Exnetwork Capital announced that it has successfully partnered with Omniflix Network. The partnership is expected to yield positive results for creators and communities.

Through the partnership, Exnetwork Capital will leverage Omniflix Network’s P2P Media Network that Omniflix Network designed for creators and communities.

Omniflix Network also looks to solve three main issues of insufficiency.

The first one is the issue of insufficient audience ownership. The second one is insufficient collaborative tools that are used in creating, distributing, and monetizing the content of a creator or a community.

The final issue that Omniflix Network looks to solve is that of insufficient sovereign infrastructure. It is used to distribute and spread access to the content that has been created.

Exnetwork Capital chose Omniflex Network because it offers features to solve all the three issues of insufficiency that have been mentioned above. These features are Omniscient Interchange Assets, Sovereign Communities, Collaborative Content Pools, and Interchain Markets.

Omniscient Interchange Assets possess extensible rights for fractionalization of ownership while also increasing the distribution. Omniscient Interchange Assets mints, manages, and distributes media assets on different NFT-powered chains.

Sovereign Communities are backed by incentives, asset pools, memberships, social tokens, and governance.

Collaborative Content Pools enable effective distribution, transparent collaboration, and higher monetization. They are backed by non-fungible tokens within dApps or contracts.


Interchain Markets helps creators and communities to participate in different blockchain networks to exchange or distribute their assets.

Omniflix Network is present on various channels on the internet, including Instagram, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, and Twitter. It also has a website. These platforms can be used by anyone to dig deeper into the features that are offered by Omniflix Network.

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