Exorde looks to solve the issue of online misinformation

People connect on social media, talk to each other about life, and even meet long-lost people they hardly remember. Sounds fun, evident from the fact that social media is actually flooded with millions of users on the internet. Call it the virtual power, but people are accessing platforms to make things happen. It could be planning an evening with school friends or kickstarting a trend on Twitter.

Now, the thing is that social media also comes with a second side that can be used by unpredictable elements of society. Algorithms are known to catch up with content that is new and engaging. 

The catch is the information may either be wrong or half-baked. Irrespective of who initiated it, right now, the information went on to be in everyone’s mind and, thereby, in their profiles.

Facebook, Twitter, and every other platform have been fighting this battle for a long time but in vain. An individual or a group of individuals often leads the charge of spreading (mis)information among the community, and there is little anyone can do about it except ignore or report it to the platform. It gets late till then as the post has already gotten a large impression on the internet.

Exorde comes with a solution that is likely to deal with this problem in a decentralized manner. The objective is to boost transparency in data across the globe. Restricting it to a specific region could have an opposite reaction and hence, global access. Plus, the decentralized nature ensures that there is no intervention to manipulate the supply of information to users.

Exorde combines EPFS and Filecoin on the architecture that is based on the Ethereum Layer 2 SKALE network. Simply put, Exorde collects and analyzes the data that is publicly available to the system. It majorly extracts data from reliable websites and networks by leveraging blockchain technology with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

What gives it strength, though, is the network of over 70,000 contributors working tirelessly to gather the information in every possible language.

There are three types of applications being rolled out by Exorde. Each of them has a different purpose, sharing the same mission of delivering correct information to curb the spread of misinformation.

Exorde Services


A word published on the internet stays there forever, said everyone in their life in one way or another. The best someone can do is put forward their story for clarification. But there is hardly any way to find out what exactly is happening since everyone posts based on their thoughts. Exorde utilizes its index to study the global sentiment here as well and assists brands and public figures to better manage themselves in modern times.

Courtesy of the valuable insights, any particular subject can be handled with ease instead of going through a series of posts or articles.

Market Forecast

Market trends are hard to predict with high accuracy, especially since now everyone is a creator on the internet. Credit to Exorde for analyzing the global sentiment regarding fluctuation in different tokens and stocks. Users can benefit from Market Forecast by setting customized alerts for an informed decision.

Due diligence is still recommended instead of taking direct action amid the volatile dynamics of the market.

Search Trend Analytics

With so many queries sought at different places, there is a high probability that everyone will somehow end up with a similar result for their question. This brings up polarization of opinion and echo bubbles. The result is that the same information keeps spreading despite users looking for something slightly similar.

The web analysis of Exorde instead allows everyone to access any piece of information they want with no restrictions whatsoever.

The EXD Token Highlights

A lot of scopes are yet to be covered, but the first step meets the objective at the topmost level. Addressing these concerns was prime for the future milestones to come. Needless to say, issues are likely to build up nonetheless to pave the way for developments and upgrades.

Until then, the word has it that the tokenomics of Exorde has just opened for public sale. EXD token is running in the world with 200 million in terms of supply, with nearly 34% allocated for protocol rewards. The native ERC-20 token has been specifically designed to distribute rewards within its community, covering utilities like bounties, protocol fees, staking, and participants’ rewards.

Exorde Public Sale Goes Live


Distribution of EXD has been split up into three tiers on a first-come, first-serve basis as follows:

  • Tier 1 – $0.33 per EXD for the first 500k tokens
  • Tier 2 – $0.34 per EXD for the next 1,500k tokens sold
  • Tier 3 – $0.35 per EXD for the final 10,000k tokens sold

The public sale is live from February 15, 2023, and it is tentatively scheduled to conclude on March 10, 2023. Exorde is running its testnet version currently, and the mainnet version is expected to go live in the second quarter of 2023.

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