Experts predict Kusama will struggle to keep pace with Tradecurve: Here’s why

The cryptocurrency market is dynamic, with various factors influencing price movements. Recently, experts have predicted potential adverse price movements for Kusama, while Tradecurve continues to make waves in the industry by already onboarding many users. This article will explore the current outlook for Kusama and shed light on the growing popularity of Tradecurve as an upcoming privacy-focused trading platform.


  • Kusama loses 44.8% of its value in the past year 
  • Further price drops are expected, according to experts
  • Tradecurve reaches a new milestone during its presale

Kusama (KSM) to face adverse price movements

Kusama, the experimental blockchain network built on the Polkadot ecosystem, has recently faced predictions of negative price movements. Experts and market analysts have pointed out potential factors such as market volatility, external market conditions, and changes in investor sentiment that could contribute to Kusama’s downward trend.

On a year-to-date basis, Kusama has lost 44.8% of its value, causing many investors to sidestep it for projects with more room for growth. Currently, Kusama has a value of $25.69 with a market cap of $217M, a rise of 2.99% overnight. 

Tradecurve (TCRV) continues gaining mass appeal 

In contrast to Kusama’s negative price predictions, Tradecurve has been gaining traction in the cryptocurrency community. The platform’s focus on privacy, security, and transparency has resonated with traders seeking a reliable and trustworthy exchange. 

In a significant milestone, Tradecurve has successfully onboarded 12,500 users to its platform, showcasing the growing demand for privacy-centric trading solutions. This achievement is more noteworthy if we consider that Tradecurve’s platform is still not launched and will launch after its native token presale ends.


The appeal of Tradecurve’s privacy-focused exchange 

Tradecurve’s unique selling point lies in its ability to encapsulate the best features of CEX and DEX on a single platform. It allows users to trade all derivatives on one account and enjoy low latency, slippage-free trading, fast order execution, and high liquidity. Moreover, its emphasis on privacy, with no sign-up KYC checks, provides added anonymity for traders seeking just that. 

The exponential growth in its user base signifies the increasing demand for the platform and the recognition of its unique features, such as the ability to subscribe to automated & AI-driven trading bots. As more traders join the platform, it will create a more vibrant ecosystem that fosters liquidity, diverse trading opportunities, and a sense of community.


A rising presale sensation

Currently, Tradecurve’s native token, TCRV, is in Stage 4 of its presale and costs just $0.018. Early buyers have already gained 80% of the profit if they bought it for the starting price of $0.01. This upward trajectory is predicted to continue as bullish experts forecast a 100x pump following the token’s launch and listing on a significant CEX. 

Investors have flocked to this presale, helping Tradecurve raise over $2.8M, and with the final goal being $20M – it may reach it ahead of schedule. With plans of onboarding 100,000 clients in the first three months of operation, Tradecurve could even topple the likes of Huobi soon. Those who wish to become an early investor in this game-changing trading platform and do not want to miss out on a 50% deposit bonus, sign up for the TCRV presale now. 

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