Experts suggest Toncoin could be surpassed by this new crypto

As Toncoin struggles amidst fierce competition from innovative projects with stronger fundamentals and usability, experts suggest a new trailblazing project could surpass Toncoin (TON). This new hot project has seen its tokens surge from their initial presale price of $0.01 to $0.014, with an impressive forecasted growth of 3,500% in the coming months, making it a potential market leader. 

How much is Toncoin worth?

Toncoin, a once-exciting blockchain project, is today faltering due to severe competition from other initiatives with greater foundations and usability. Toncoin (TON), or Telegram Open Network, was designed as a blockchain for decentralized apps and quick transactions. The Toncoin ICO raised nearly $1.7 billion through its GRAM token auction in 2018.

However, the initiative received major opposition from the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), resulting in several investor refund events. Orbs, a public blockchain infrastructure built for mass consumption apps and tight interaction, has introduced the Toncoin network’s single-nominator smart contract. 

The Toncoin (TON) single nominator allows validators to secure their validation process using an isolated cold wallet. It is especially advantageous for validators with enough self-stake to execute independent validation without needing third-party nominators.

Toncoin has underperformed in the market despite releasing the single nominator feature, which aims to improve validators’ independence, security, and protection against gas-spending assaults.

With a market valuation of $3.38 billion and a 24-hour trading volume of $23.74 million, Toncoin (TON) is down 5.6% in the last month. As other projects continue to outperform Toncoin, the once-promising TON is losing ground, and investors are seeking better options in the fast-changing crypto environment.

A groundbreaking project expected to 35X

Collateral Network (COLT) is a groundbreaking initiative that allows borrowers to use their tangible assets (fine art, real estate, vintage car) as collateral for crypto loans. These assets are tokenized into NFTs by Collateral Network and fractionalized, allowing multiple lenders to fund a given loan at a fixed interest rate (crowdlending).

Collateral Network

Collateral Network (COLT) provides various benefits over conventional financing. Firstly, borrowers don’t need to go through extensive credit checks or provide evidence of income, thus ensuring privacy. Secondly, borrowers can get cash from their real-world assets quicker than ever, most within 24hrs.

As for investors, they can earn passive income on Collateral Network (COLT) without risking high amounts of their capital. And even if a borrower fails to repay their loan, lenders can purchase distressed assets on a secondary marketplace at a below-market value via exclusive auctions.


Analysts expect 3500 growth from the project

The presale for Collateral Network began at $0.01 but has already grown to $0.014, a 40% rise in just weeks, and its Collateral Network tokens are predicted to increase by 3500% in the next few months.

Find out more about the Collateral Network (COLT) presale here:-





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