Explore the White Tiger Event at Hoo

Hoo is a cryptocurrency exchange registered in Hong Kong, launched in May 2018. The white tiger symbolizes Hoo Exchange, which was lost in the forest at the Hoo creative event, and users must find it to get rewards. To save the white tiger, the lord of the city is rewarded with “X0000U” and invites city users to join the rescue campaign.

“Explore Today. Tomorrow is Late!”

“Become an Explorer” Is a Creative and Fun Event with an Overall Prize

Event Time: 05/26/2022, 15:00 – 06/01/2022, 14:59 (UTC + 8)

Event Participation Conditions: All users who have registered at Hoo.

What Is Your Rescue Mission? Let’s all look for the white tiger together.

Registered users attending the event for the first time will receive 10 free goldtokens. Users should Invite new users to complete mid-level authentication; new invitees and users can each receive 10 goldtokens.

New users can get 20 goldtokens by registering and participating in the event. Users who trade SAP / HOO / BTC / ETH / SOL / XRP will be rewarded according to their trading volume, depending on the balance of the reward pool.

Note: The more goldtokens you get, the greater the split bonus.

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Sharing the Campaign Page

Users should share the campaign page, post the link to enter the channel on their social network or forums with more than 300 people, join the Hoo group on Telegram and send the sharing screenshot in the desired form. They will have the opportunity to receive a Hoo gift package worth 1000 RMB.

Hoo English group: https://t.me/chaince_foreign_group

Hoo Chinese group: https://t.me/HooGroupChinese

Hoo Crypto Exchange

What Is Goldtoken and What Does It Do?

Goldtokens have no financial value and cannot be bought or sold. According to the event’s scenario, it is used only to save the white tiger; the more goldtokens the users have, the more chances they have to win the prize. Users must place these goldtokens in the alchemy section to receive their points, and if not, their efforts will be in vain.

Please be sure to place them on time. The event will not be responsible when it expires.

How to Catch Goldtokens?

When the user participates in the event as an explorer, if they have already been a user, they will receive 10 gold, but if the new user registers, he will receive 20 gold for the first time. Each user must invite more users or perform the specified tasks to receive more gold.

If any user introduces a new user, both people will receive 10 gold each. If the number of their invited users who complete their KYC reaches 3/6/9/12, the user himself will receive another 20 golds.

How to Distribute the Prizes?

The distribution of prizes varies according to the number of participating users.

Number of People

Prize Pool

< 50000 (Number of Participants/50000) x Total Prize Pool
≧50000 Total Prize Pool

The bounty that the participating users can split in this campaign:-

=Total number of valid users you invited/Total number of all invited users x100% x50% prize pool

+Your accumulated Spot trading volume/cumulative trading volume of all active users x100% x30% prize pool

+Your accumulated goldtokens/goldtokens accumulated from all prize pools x100% x20% prize pool

Note: Users who trade SAP/HOO/BTC/ETH/SOL/XRP can split the prize pool based on the trading volume

Trade at Hoo

Hoo is a blockchain asset service platform that supports several public chains such as BTC, ETH, EOS, NEO, TRX, etc., and thousands of tokens and aims to provide secure and convenient blockchain asset management services to cryptocurrency users around the world.

What Are the Features of Hoo Exchange?

  • OTC Platform supports to sell and purchasing of cryptocurrencies off-exchange quickly.
  • Provides typical spot trade or margin trade: offer perpetual futures, the future contracts on the exchange are settled in a stable coin; offer its users to buy or sell cryptocurrency options, the buyer can dividend, refund, gain or buy back a token at a specific point of time at a predetermined price.
  • HooSwap and HooPool: You can use HooSwap for an instant swap of tokens. Moreover, you can become a liquidity provider and provide liquidity to this trading desk through HooPool to earn liquidity rewards.
  • Hoo Earn: You can earn passive income by investing in different savings plans.
  • Hoo Mining: Hoo Exchange provides mining machines and helps with management and maintenance.

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