Explorer For Bitcoin Blockchain Launched By OKLink

OKLink, the associate concern of OKex the Malta-based virtual currency exchange has launched platform Bitcoin Block Explorer on Tuesday 25th June. The platform will allow its users to quickly investigate the transactions that will take place on the blockchain of Bitcoin.

The newly launched platform is equipped with search functions and has an easy to operate interface that will allow the user to navigate on the Bitcoin blockchain. The new application is the first launch by the development team of the company on big data and blockchain. In the future, the company is planning to provide blockchain explorer service for other popular blockchain networks.

User can quickly analyze the transaction data at the granular level. They can find out the number of confirmations, volume, and block size of any transaction on the Bitcoin blockchain. A spokesperson of OKLink has said this is just a first initiative by the company and are planning to integrate more big data services with blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

He further said the blockchain explorer of OKLink would provide the user with the most convenient, efficient and comprehensive exploration of blockchain data. They are planning to evolve explorer tools for other accessible virtual assets.

The tools will be featured with data services that will allow accessing blockchain data through API. This, in turn, will help the developers to create their application using the data.

Although the blockchain explorer of OKLink is being launched in a crowded market place but is committed to providing the user with reliable information about the blockchain.

The company has declared the news about blockchain explorer just a day after it partnered with US-based firm Prime Trust to launch its USDK Stable coin. They have launched their stable coin on cryptocurrency exchange OKEx and Bitfinex.

The stable coin is supported by the US dollar and can be a good competitor for Tether. In the future, it may disrupt the market stake of Tether as per the prediction of experts.

Meanwhile, Binance has also announced, they will be introducing their stable coin shortly. The chief of the company has said it may take a month for them to launch the coin.

Roxanne Williams

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