Exscudo Experts on the Crypto Payment Evolution: What Do Customers Really Want?

Seamless crypto-fiat interoperability is the next frontier for wallets and payment gateways. This point is illustrated by the success of projects like Exscudo: reviews of its FinTap wallet show that in-app fiat-crypto conversions at locked exchange rates are very popular with end-users. This article will explain why crypto-fiat solutions like Exscudo exchange have a serious edge over traditional crypto platforms.

Fiat support moves to the next level with Exscudo

According to a recent estimate, over 300 million people across the world own cryptocurrency. In February 2021, there were just over 100 million. This is an impressive growth rate, but it has to be considered in context: PayPal alone has 300 million users – as many as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and all other 1000+ cryptos put together.  

Crypto won’t overtake fiat usage anytime soon, but one can benefit from using both. For example, a labor migrant or a freelancer can save a lot on money transfer fees when sending or getting paid in crypto – but they also need an easy way to cash out into fiat afterwards.

These are two of the main use cases for Exscudo, a supremely fiat-friendly crypto payment ecosystem that features a wallet (FinTap), a payment acquiring solution for merchants (MultiAcquiring), a trading terminal (MultiBroker), and more. 

The FinTap wallet is already integrated with 10 fiat payment systems, including SEPA bank transfers, PayPal, and MasterCard, and the team plans to eventually enable up to 95% of existing money systems with Exscudo. Coins and fiat currencies supported by FinTap include USD, EUR, RUB, BTC, ETH, DOGE, USDT, XRP, and dozens more. 

Swap currencies 600 different ways

With 60+ currencies that can be freely swapped for one another, FinTap offers 600 ways to convert money. The wallet does this via the so-called OTC Exchange Core, built in-house by Exscudo. Prices are supplied by many different providers (brokers) that compete for every conversion request; the algorithm selects the best quote and locks it for 10 minutes, so that the user can make the transaction. 

Thanks to this ingenious system, Exscudo coin prices are better and more transparent than on other crypto-fiat exchanges. Most Exscudo reviews single out fiat support and good exchange rates as the wallet’s strongest features. 

Another advantage noted by many Exscudo reviews is the built-in instant messenger. Apart from chatting with your friends, you can send and receive cryptocurrency without leaving the chat window.

Finally, we should note the absence of in-app fees. FinTap leverages Excudo’s EON blockchain to deliver 100% free transactions between FinTap users. EON also helps to keep all crypto transfers and messages 100% secure and private using 12 cryptographic algorithms. 

Innovations for merchants

Payments are an equally important aspect of the crypto-fiat synergy. Apart from being able to convert fiat into digital currency and back, users need to be able to pay with crypto for online and offline purchases. 

So far, the vast majority of payment service providers focus either on fiat acquiring or on Bitcoin payments, but not both. Exscudo is different: its MultiAcquiring product allows both shoppers and merchants to choose how to pay and how to get paid. 

MultiAcquiring supports both crypto and fiat – and, just like FinTap, it should one day enable acquiring services for 95% of the currencies and payment systems in the world. Merchants can select their preferred currency of choice and get the received payments automatically converted into that currency. 

The team is also preparing to release a couple of additional – and very promising – products:

  • Swap Launchpad by Exscudo, an ICO/IDO platform for launching new tokens and decentralized exchange (under development).
  • White Label and SDK, a suite of tools for entrepreneurs and developers that want to integrate FinTap and MultiAcquiring functionality into existing apps or launch their own wallet or acquire the business.

The team of Exscudo: scam projects remain a major hurdle on the road to mass adoption

As we’ve shown, fiat-friendly wallets and crypto payment solutions, such as Fintap and MultiAcquiring by Exscudo, can help promote crypto adoption. But there is another problem: crypto is often viewed as unsafe and fraudulent because of the proliferation of scams. 

‘Scams get more attention from the general media than blockchain success stories because they resonate with the audience,’ comments a representative of Exscudo. ‘Scam sites have clever ways of luring in inexperienced users, and once a newbie loses money with a fake wallet or exchange, they get disillusioned – or so cautious that they start suspecting bona fide projects of being a Ponzi.’

The team knows what it’s talking about. There has been an instance when a user who encountered a minor issue with FinTap was quick to call Exscudo a scam. ‘Our support read the comment on the Exscudo reviews page and immediately helped the user to solve the problem, thus demonstrating that Excudo isn’t a scam. But beginners need to realize that even the best projects can encounter technical problems – that’s part of the experimental nature of crypto.’ 

According to the expert, projects and the media should shift the focus to how users can protect themselves from real scams, phishing sites, social engineering attacks, etc. Once users learn some cyber security basics, they will fee safer using crypto, and adoption will speed up.

When analyzing products like FinTap or MultiAcquiring, we can get a glimpse of what the fintech services of tomorrow will look like. Through versatile fiat on-off ramps and support of multiple payment systems, they will make crypto extremely easy to use, convert, and buy. Exscudo is an example of how crypto and fiat can work in complete synergy – a crucial condition for true mass adoption.

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David is a finance graduate and crypto enthusiast. He projects his expertise in subjects like crypto and Blockchain while writing for CryptoNewsZ. Being from Finance background, he efficiently writes Price Analysis. Apart from writing, he actively nurtures hobbies like sports and movies.

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