F1 liveries are changing constantly in 2023

The Alfa Romeo F1 team is primarily a team that is at the center here. It has changed its liveries many times as the sport moves from one country to another. Stake ideally backs it as a sponsor. Thereby, pitching advertisements through the management of the team. However, some countries do not support advertisements that are related to gambling. These include Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain, to mention a few.

That is precisely when the Alfa Romeo F1 team transitions to Team Kick, avoiding the display of Stake. It creates the impression that Stake and Kick are somehow linked to each other. It comes down to Craven, the founder of Kick and an independent investor in Stake. Tehrani is also credited with being the founder of Kick. Both of them denied the reports, claiming that Stake and Kick are linked to each other.

McLaren is another brand that often has to change liveries with the places it goes to contest the race. Its principal sponsor is British American Tobacco via the A Better Tomorrow initiative. However, many countries don’t allow tobacco-related advertisements in any form or manner.

For instance, Singapore and Japan are where McLaren did not feature its principal sponsor. Instead, it was the banner of OKX at play.

Basically, the reason why F1 teams change liveries is because of the advertisement regulations of countries. Notably, another reason is to save weight and cost. The International Automobile Federation has brought in a cost cap to make competition more competitive and easier. The best way that teams can save money is by reducing the amount of paint that they use. This also means that teams don’t have to pay designers every time they get the work done. It comes down to running a carbon fiber body with features that the team would otherwise want.

As for Stake, it is an online platform where customers can visit for entertainment. It has quickly gained the status of leader by entering the list of the best crypto casinos. Its offerings are identified mostly with slot titles. The online crypto gambling and sports betting platform was founded in 2017.

One way in which it has gained recognition across the world is by partnering with corporations. One of the top candidates for sponsorship is the Sauber Motorsport-owned Alfa Romeo F1 team. It is expected that Stake, as a website, could be the title sponsor of the team. Assuming that happens, the brand will run 23 tracks in a year.

Again, select regions could hesitate to allow that. That would force Alfa Romeo to explore options at a time when it also has to save on the cost of getting the vehicle painted by a designer.


Founders have, for now, denied the claims that Stake and Kick are linked. Interchanging brands based on a country remains a priority, so follow local guidelines.

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