Facebook Acquires Servicefriend to Enable Calibra with Chatbots

Facebook in a recent is reported to have acquired the AI-based bot startup known by the name Servicefriend. This acquisition is to provide to Calibra’s customer service. Calibra is the Libra’s digital wallet, Facebook’s newly proposed cryptocurrency.

On September 19th, an Israeli newspaper highlighted the news about the acquisition. Facebook says that it wishes to reach the consumers who are untouched by the crypto wave and offer them financial services to facilitate the accessibility of Calibra through an exclusive app along with the WhatsApp and other Messenger apps.

Servicefriend is a startup that offers artificial intelligence-based chatbots that can possibly imitate human intelligence, fathom abilities, and emotions to the extent that customers for once will forget that they’re interacting with a bot. It writes on its official website:

We are thrilled to share that Servicefriend is now moving to the next chapter of our exciting journey. Over the past four years, we managed to stand out and build a great platform for brands to deliver excellent experiences at scale over WhatsApp and Messenger. Our mission to transform the way business interact with people and to let people communicate with businesses as they do with their friends has always been our raison d’etre.

In previous news, it was affirmed that Facebook’s Calibra wouldn’t be functional in certain social markets, like India. A representative Facebook said:

The libra blockchain will be global, but it will be up to custodial wallet providers to determine where they will and will not operate. Calibra won’t be available in U.S.-sanctioned countries or countries that ban cryptocurrencies.

Facebook, although backed the acquisition with a vague statement:

“We acquire smaller tech companies from time to time. We don’t always discuss our plans,” a Facebook spokesperson said.

A number of people, like Arad, along with co-founder named Shahar Ben Ami, and one more have updated their workplaces to Facebook’s digital wallet, over their LinkedIn portfolio. The update came this month implying the recent closing of this acquisition.

Facebook, however, hasn’t confirmed exactly what will their proceedings with the startup look like, but it’s anticipated that there will be a rush in building a bot or a bot network that rests on the customer service front of Calibra.

We are here for you,” writes Calibre over its welcome page, promising 24-7 customer support through WhatsApp as well as Messenger.

Servicefriend has previously worked with Facebook in making “hybrid” messenger bots for certain firms to enable human teams with options of scalability over messaging apps. For one of the Messenger bots made for the firm, Globe Telecom based out in the Philippines, it was able to get the “agent hours” reduced to less than 20 for every 1,000 customer engagements.

Having its customer support on Calibra will help Facebook build and enhance its credibility. Hence the proceedings need to be meticulous to ensure no issues arise with customers, partners, or regulators.

Trevor Holman

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