Facebook and WhatsApp Calling to be Restricted by Apple Due to Data Collection Fears

Over the past couple of years, users’ privacy has been one of the burning topics when it comes to some of the biggest tech companies and Facebook has probably borne the brunt of the backlash. The company has experienced a series of data breaches and there have been multiple complaints about how it allegedly collects users’ data. Facebook Messenger and Facebook-owned WhatsApp have been singled out for being particularly lax in this regard. On the other hand, Apple has always been known as a company that takes the privacy of its users very seriously and reports suggest that the tech giant has taken a major step to stop unnecessary data collection.

In a new development, it has emerged that the company is now going to bring about an update on its iOS operating system that is going to restrict WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger from making calls over the internet. Apple believes that Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp calling, and similar other apps can collect a user’s data during a call. In such a situation, it is hardly a surprise that Apple has decided to take such a step to protect the privacy of its phone users. In this regard, it is interesting to note that earlier on in the year, there had been issues with a microphone bug for WhatsApp voice calls and it was not until May 1 that the company had resolved it.

The new update will disable the apps and thereby restrict them from collecting any information about the user when a call is being placed on these apps. This sort of step is also going to have a profound effect on Facebook Messenger as well as WhatsApp. However, it important to note that as of now, it has not yet been made clear what sort of restrictions are going to be applied other similar apps like Skype and Telegram, among others. Data leaks have become increasingly common with many such apps and it is not a surprise that Apple has taken this step.

Jodie Miller

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