Factor & SushiSwap collaborate for integration and vault partnership

Factor took to Twitter to announce its integration and vault partnership with SushiSwap, bringing the capability to enable the community to access its liquidity and assets. The future holds potential for the partnership between Factor and SushiSwap, with both of them exploring cross-chain swaps and creating custom Bento vaults. 

It will enable the Sushi creators to get direct access to the future potential or prospects for the cross-chain swaps. Followers on Twitter have welcomed the development anticipating it to be interesting as the days come closer.

Benefits flow from both sides to meet at a common point. Factor, for instance, is offering blocks for modular asset management vaults. Per the announcement, Factor will integrate multiple assets from the segment of decentralized finance to optimize the products of SushiSwap. Creators will then be able to add value to their strategies by introducing innovation at every step.

SushiSwap, the leading decentralized exchange, comes loaded with liquidity and a large number of assets. Moreover, they offer a broad range of DeFi products to open the world of Factor Vault and strategy for creators. Notably, these DeFi products find a way to be optimized under the recently announced partnership with Factor.

Mutual benefits also exist for Factor and SushiSwap. Both departments, namely integration and partner vaults, have loaded themselves with benefits that can be leveraged by the partners.

Under integration, Factor and SushiSwap look to have better TVL and revenue. This is achievable by the strategists at Factor leveraging the liquidity of Sushi. Developers gaining access to the full suite of Sushi products adds more advantages to it. The present is not the only thing that keeps this partnership going. A basis is also the future where both look to utilize the potential for cross-chain swaps within the vault.

A vault partnership is estimated to allow both partners to earn vault fees, giving them another revenue stream. This becomes a possibility when users gain one-click access to Bento yields.

In addition to the one-click feature, the partnership brings auto-compounding and auto-rebalancing of Sushi LP yields.


The partnership between Factor and SushiSwap is a part of Factor’s attempt to integrate with all the leading protocols with the objective of building a layer of liquidity and infrastructure in the Decentralized Finance segment. While expressing its excitement about the partnership on Twitter, Factor has acknowledged that Sushi is a long-standing leader in the market who is sure to help them in growing Arbitrum DeFi.The community has a chance to share its thoughts with the team by participating in The Key Factor podcast, which is scheduled to happen on March 06, 2023.

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