Fanadise Chooses Chainlink VRF for Randomization on Its Platform

In another real-world case of integration, Fanadise has announced that it will use the capability of Chainlink VRF to access random numbers that are completely unpredictable and tampered-proof in nature. This will ensure users that the procedure for selecting winners and mining NFTs on the platform is completely fair in nature and comes without bias and subjectivity. 

Fanadise has carved a place for itself in the category of content platforms which allows influential marketers to interact with their followers directly and monetize their presence on social media. The platform will provide an opportunity for both content creators and their followers to take interaction to a different level altogether while creating a win-win situation for both stakeholders. Content creators can also utilize the platform for creating NFTs and exclusive content for their followers.  

The reason behind selecting Chainlink to generate random numbers is not very difficult to ascertain. As compared to other conventional randomness platforms, Chainlink is immune to any kind of manipulation and hacking. The special competence of Chainlink that allows integration of both on-chain and off-chain data is really special and sets it apart from the rest. After the integration with Chainlink, the smart contract feature of Fanadise will accept any random number only if it is backed by cryptographic proof. In other words, a new random number will be expected by the smart contract only if the process behind its generation is tempered proof. 

This will add to the credibility of Fanadise as users will be assured of data that is entirely random and provably fair in output. The collaboration will have specific implications not only for both organizations but also for the entire industry. Chainlink’s growing popularity as a credible random number supplier is worth noting. With one more client in its kitty, Chainlink continues its winning streak without any let-up in intensity.

Scott Cook

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