Fansland incorporates the Polygon PoS blockchain

Fansland announced it’s incorporating the Polygon PoS blockchain to bring about a game-changing fan involvement via blockchain technology. All connected users will be provided the option of being exposed to quick and cost-friendly financial and entertainment verticals. Incidentally, Polygon PoS Blockchain is a top blockchain upgradability service provider, whereas Fansland is a fan economy platform.

With the utilization of Polygon PoS’s enhanced upgradability and safety functions, the user of Fansland will have the privilege of experiencing a smooth cross-chain activity. It may be receiving tickets, connecting with Web3 musical extravaganzas, buying unique NFT products, and scouring for more Fansland-oriented creations; every interaction comes with cost-friendliness. All of this is in tandem with their goal of narrowing down the value exchange in the fan economy, turning it into something more available, effective, and equitable via the potential of blockchain.

Fansland’s venture within the Polygon ecosystem is the beginning of forging further collaborations, following the path of more inventiveness, and improving fan exposure globally.

The company is all prepared to transform the equation about the fan economy and set itself up as a symbol of progression and thrills in the Web3 space.

The company intends to build the initial and biggest fan ecosystem propelled by Web3+AI. They plan to rope an entire segment of fans to their Web3 fan-to-earn module via multiple activities. This will include Web3 musical extravaganzas, NFT ticketing, and the AI Virtual Idol Championship.

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