Fantom Integrates Stader Labs’ Solutions for Liquid Staking

Fantom announced that it would be supported by Stader Labs’ staking infrastructure platform. Fantom users will be able to unlock the overall value of their FTM that is under stake through liquid staking and delegate to various validators with a single click in the coming months, thanks to this integration.

Staking generates a consistent stream of passive revenue while also helping to secure the network and helping users for the process of participation in on-chain governance. Staking necessitates locking tokens under a specific period of time, rendering them inaccessible for use on the Fantom ecosystem.

Fantom stakers can use Stader Labs’ solutions to collateralize their staked FTM and generate liquid staking tokens that may be used across the network. This means that FTM holders, for example, will be able to stake and seek DeFi opportunities at the same time.

Easy FTM Delegations

Stader solutions will improve delegation management: Fantom stakers can spread their stake among multiple validators quickly and effortlessly. Diversifying validators offers obvious security benefits, and Stader will make the process easy.

In the blockchain business, Stader Labs is known for its unique staking solutions. Around 6 million LUNA tokens have been staked with Stader by Terra users. The company is expanding, with over 1 million registrations being announced ahead of the sale of the Stader SD token. Fantom is excited to provide its community with the easiest and most secure means to access liquid staking and stake pools.

About Stader Labs

Stader is a smart-contract platform that makes overall staking solutions easy to find and use for retailers and institutions. Stader’s smart contracts, along with the middleware architecture for the Proof-of-Stake (PoS) networks, are used by retail crypto users, custodians, and mainstream FinTech companies. In a targeted presale, Stader recently raised $12.5 million.

About Fantom

Fantom is a permissionless protocol of aBFT consensus with a layer-1 EVM-compatible platform that is fast and secure. Transactions on Fantom are confirmed in a fraction of a second and cost a fraction of a cent. Fantom is suited for DeFi applications also for real-world use-cases because of its speed, cheap transaction costs, and high throughput.

Roxanne Williams

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