Fast Crypto Loans at Low Rates Now Available With Bankera

The blockchain technology, which underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, remains a force to be reckoned with as it continues to propel major advancements in the financial sector. Get this; the crypto-lending industry has grown to a lucrative $5 billion market in just a couple of years.

For those out of the loop and somewhat baffled, the idea behind crypto-backed loans is that a borrowing entity that owns digital currency can use it as collateral, thereby retaining the ownership of the assets, while still receiving the funding — the loan. As straightforward as it sounds, the idea caters to a large chunk of an untapped market — crypto holders that look to put their tokens to good use.

So, to no surprise at all, the average consumer is sure to have a dizzying effect while trying to choose a crypto-backed loan platform as the number increases steadily, and almost daily. One such provider is Bankera Loans— a budding platform steadily establishing its spot within the industry as a reputable player amidst stiff competition.

Crypto Loan Packages

With the market quite crowded, the supply of unique crypto-backed loan packets is quite extensive. Yet, with so many options, it can be somewhat intimidating for anyone trying to make the best decision. However, quite a few providers offer a minimum loan package that starts at $500 or even higher, which of course might not be an ideal option for an average consumer.

This is where Bankera makes things interesting; the company essentially lowers the entry limit to only 25 EUR and so taps into a vast demographic. In other words, it means that a significantly larger number of people will have access to funds that earlier were not available, likely due to a rather steep entry limit.

One of Bankera’s packages contains the lowest rates for loans over 5000 EUR, with an LTV of 25%. The MAX LTV package includes a high Loan-to-Value (LTV) ratio of 75%, which is significantly above the 50% average offered by competitors.

Below are three packets offered by Bankera:

  • Lowest rates: 25% LTV. Rates from 6.95%;
  • Most popular: 50% LTV. Rates from 9.95%;
  • Max LTV: 75% LTV. Rates from 12.95%.

The loan packages are available for a period of one year, with an ability to repay the credit at any date before the expiration of the loan term. There is also the option of extending the deadline.

Worth noting is the fact that Bankera intends to launch a referral program that will allow its users to earn as much as 10% of the interest paid by the people they refer to.

Cryptocurrency Options for Crypto Loans

As standard practice, cryptocurrency lending platforms that offer crypto-backed loans provide their users with the ability to use fiat and cryptocurrencies for deposits and withdrawals. The options are often wide-ranging and cater to the convenience of the consumer. For instance, Bankera supports quite a few popular tokens such as Tether (USDT), Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH), NEM (XEM), and Dash (DASH).

The platform has its own token as well — Banker (BNK). The BNK token is based on the Ethereum ERC-223 standard, which also supports backward compatibility with the ERC-20 standard. It’s also essential to note that users who decide to repay their loan with the Banker token will face lower interest rates (currently — 3 percentage points).

How Fast Is the Approval System for Crypto Loans?

Arguably the most appealing quality with regards to crypto-backed loans and platforms that provide the service is that their customers do not have to go through extensive credit checks, which are a loathsome staple of traditional lending. Most platforms, Bankera being among those, pride themselves on quick approval times and ease of the overall procedure.

Besides all that, the sign-up process is rather straightforward:

  • First, signup on the platform
  • Deposit one of the supported cryptos into the platform’s wallet as collateral
  • Choose the amount, LTV, and withdrawal options of your preferred loan
  • Wait for a quick application approval
  • The loan is credited to your wallet immediately after approval

Consider the Unconsidered & Final Thoughts


Although loan-to-value ratio, interest-rates, security practices, and a variety of other things come to mind first when deciding to join particular crypto loan platforms, one should not discount the value of quality support. Though often overlooked, a competent and receptive customer support team can be an invaluable asset, especially for the average consumer.

As the crypto loans market grows, it sure is going to get crowded; in all actuality it already is, and choosing any one platform is a time-consuming endeavor. Bankera is an option out of many that one can go with and it is a solid one at that. With the lowest entry bar, an excellent LTV ratio, an amenable repayment schedule, a variety of packets all bundled with a great customer support system it should be high on anyone’s list, who’s looking to take out a crypto-backed loan. Click here to know more about Bitcoin loan and how it works.

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