The FBA Enters Into a Strategic Partnership With

The Football business academy (FBA), an educational institution in the football arena, and, a fan voting and rewards app for sports fans have announced a strategic partnership via Twitter. The FBA took to its blog to shed light on this new collaboration; its candidates will benefit by fetching internships across the Malta-based Socios.

According to media reports, the alliance aims to empower FBA’s candidates by allowing them to channel their knowledge and transform it into fruitful internships. The candidates can also select from a myriad of departments. 

Emma Diskin, COO at, stated the team is excited to absorb the FBA Candidates and introduce them to a new world of opportunities present with Socios’s global partners. She further said the alliance would help sharpen the talent of FBA’s candidates who will transform the football industry on the tech-front. 

Media reports stated that Marcin Chmielewski, Partnerships Manager at the FBA, was equally thrilled to welcome Marcin mentioned they have always aimed to deliver good infrastructure to foster an intuitive learning environment and encourage exceptional learning experiences that keep candidates in sync with the latest development in the football industry. And can deliver on these expectations while continuing to generate sizable revenue with its innovative developments in digitalization. 

This collaboration will also allow candidates to explore the possibilities blockchain technology offers to the football industry. On the other hand, will leverage by expanding its network, forging new international avenues through internships, projects, and consulting missions. is the first of its kind, blockchain-based fan engagement mobile app dedicated to bringing sports players and global fans together via digital assets called fan tokens. These fan tokens are scalable and tradeable and provide innovative ways to generate revenue for the sports industry. 

The tokens also allow fans to vote on club-related decisions of specific clubs like jersey design, in-stadium fan experience, charity events, and more. It also introduces them to a whole new dimension of rewards, merchandise, VIP passes, meet-and-greet, dugout access, sports collectibles, etc.  

The FBA is a Swiss-based educational institution dedicated to the football industry. The academy envisions transforming the sport’s scene by introducing qualified professionals and training them to be the industry’s future leaders. Through its flagship module, a Professional Masters in the football business, it aims to deliver cutting-edge tools that create effective learning experiences to help transform the football industry of tomorrow.   

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