FBS Summit: Record growth, exciting new features unveiled

FBS is a global broker that has ensured that its clients can grow their wealth at a decently managed risk. The brokerage venture recently hosted an annual conference, FBS Summit, wherein it shared insights about new features and growth achieved so far in the journey.

The annual conference by FBS highlights what the platform has achieved and what lies on the road ahead. The FBS annual summit marks a major event to bring together its ecosystem under a single roof, appreciate everyone’s efforts, and highlight what their efforts have resulted in.

Exciting new features unveiled

FBS has grown in three aspects, two of which deal with diversifying support initiatives and improving trading conditions. Both have a direct impact on traders and assist them in having a better experience, regardless of what the market is going through. For instance, it may be in upheaval, but the accessible facts or support would allow them to make an informed decision at the appropriate time to limit their losses.

The third, and rather the most important feature, is the IB Program, wherein IB is an acronym for Introducing Broker. The IB Program by FBS aims to host users who are interested in venturing on the path of becoming brokers. Per the official website of FBS, they do not require any investment to start the business. All they have to do is register with FBS Trading and get started as a partner.

The FBS IB Program, in some ways, resembles a referral program. IB partners are entrusted with referring new clients to the organization and receiving a referral commission.

Here’s how FBS came out as one of the ideal partners in this FBS Summit:

  • The brokerage firm shared that it facilitates up to 43% of spreads from trading for their clients. FBS claims this to be one of the highest commissions in the market. It is subject to how referrals trade.
  • FBS enables its partners to withdraw funds of any size at any time, as the mechanism is available 24/7. It supports a wide range of payment methods to give partners the freedom to select a preferred payment system.
  • Partners receive commissions every day; the same can be checked in the Partner Area along with detailed statistics.

  • A partnership between FBS and its partners extends to multiple levels, with partners becoming eligible to earn 20% of the income of their affiliate partners.

The commission is decided based on the Grade of a partner. This covers six categories, namely Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, and Grade 6. The average monthly commission starts at $18 and goes as high as $10,000, depending on the Grade classification and product.

FBS assists partners with social media materials, website banners, and offline materials.

List of FBS’s accolades for 2023

FBS’s Head of Public Relations and Events, Alexandra Zaitseva, stated that their goal has always been to provide benefits to their clients. They achieved this by executing orders quickly and accurately for over 550 trading instruments.

That is evident from the list of accolades pertaining to 2023.

  • International Finance Expo has crowned FBS as the most reliable forex broker in the dynamic world of forex trading.

  • Traders Fair & Awards in Africa have recognized FBS as the Best Forex Broker in the region, proving that it is a market leader.
  • A recognition from FxScouts for the Best Trading Account Beginners highlights that the platform is user-friendly and accessible to all new and interested traders.

  • Global Brands Magazine Awards have recognized FBS in the Best Client Support in the Latin America category. This demonstrates that FBS has set a new benchmark with its customer support offering.

  • Investment Summit in Upper Egypt has recognized FBS as the Best Financial Broker of 2022-2023.


FBS has plans for larger growth in the future. While the current list of recognitions is a testament to its character, what comes ahead will showcase how far FBS can continue to move.


Moving forward, FBS stated at the FBS Summit that it is currently crafting a roadmap to introduce more product novelties in the next year. FBS has expressed confidence by stating that upcoming novelties will take the reliability and services of the brand to the next level while empowering traders across the globe.

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