Femsa all set to Invest $3 Billion in Mexico Until 2021

Over the years, plenty of gigantic corporations have come up in the country of Mexico, and one of the better-known ones from among them is the company Femsa. Over the years, the conglomerate has invested billions of dollars in different parts of the world. In a new development, which should come as a huge boost to the Mexican economy, Femsa announced today that the company is going to invest as much as $3 billion in the country for the next couple of years.

The investments will continue up until 2021, and it is a major commitment on the part of Femsa as it tries to reenergize the Mexican economy. According to a statement from the Chairman of the company, Jose Antonio Fernandez Carbajal, Femsa is going to invest $3.14 billion in a range of projects in Mexico starting in 2019 and continuing up until 2021. In the same statement, Carbajal also added that the investment would lead to the creation of 41,000 jobs in the country. The details of the investment had also been provided to the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, and it is believed that and it is believed that Femsa would start the projects very soon.

Femsa has grown into one of the most important pillars of the Mexican economy, and the latest announcement is a perfect illustration of how the company works. The conglomerate is best known for having established the convenience store brand named Oxxo in Mexico, and it has gone from strength to strength over the years. On the other hand, it has also managed to become the biggest bottling franchise in the world for soft drink behemoth Coca-Cola, which is no mean feat at all. Femsa has not yet commented further regarding the announcement and has not yet provided any details with regards to the different projects that the company is going to invest in.

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