Fetch.ai announces new agent-based trading tools suite for DEXs

Fetch.ai recently announced its new agent-based trading tools suite for DEXs (decentralized exchanges). 

The latest suite will assist DEXs with its AI and automation features. According to the latest post by Fetch.ai, the suite uses smart agent interactions to offer optimized DeFI trade execution. Overall, Fetch.ai has designed these tools to offer an enhanced user experience.

The protocol believes that the DeFi market has a massive growth spurt ahead of it. Experts have predicted that the DeFi industry will reach a global value of 232 billion dollars by 2030. With a projected CAGR (compound annual growth rate) of 42%, DeFi will rule the market for decades.

That is why Fetch.ai is trying to address the existing and upcoming challenges in the circuit. Its latest suite introduces smart agents capable of executing trades for users, proposing the best outcomes while minimizing the need for human intervention.

Seeing how the market is intrigued by AI currently, this news entices even non-DeFi users worldwide. Since Fetch.ai is offering new trading DeFi tools, the platform is becoming extremely popular among investors and traders. Thus, the future of Fetch.ai crypto is very bright, and it has become one of the top AI tokens. Read our Fetch.ai predictions for price related details of the token!

Its latest suite will assist traders to transparently communicate with each other in a P2P environment. The suite executes trading strategies for the users with the help of automated software agents that operate independently.

With an expected release date of 2023 Q2, the DeFi tool suite has already garnered a massive audience. It will be a first-of-its-kind suite and is expected to revolutionize the way traders engage with DeFi.


Humayun Sheikh, the CEO of Fetch.ai, praised the upcoming tools. The CEO stated that as Fetch.ai stands at the front of DeFi, the team is recognizing the need to boost decentralization. AI-based agent trading has massive potential, and the new suite by Fetch.ai will facilitate the same. 

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