Fetch.ai Collaborates with IOTA - A Deep Dive

Fetch.ai finally announced entering into a partnership with IOTA for connecting the Autonomous Economic Agents with the resourceful data network of IOTA. The collaboration between Fetch.ai and IOTA resolves data discoverability by establishing a smooth, real-time, and seamless connection between information seekers and information sources through the partnership. Instantaneous and rapid discovery of data is crucial for avoiding loss of value. 

The collaboration between IOTA and Fetch.ai is focusing on creating a bridge between the data streaming technology of IOTA and the Autonomous Economic Agents of Fetch.ai. The Autonomous Economic Agents refer to a set of rules designed to operate independently of constant intervention by the owner.

Through the partnership, the Autonomous Economic Agents will be able to gain access to the network streams of IOTA for the instant acquisition of data. The agents have introduced new paths of monetization to improve the incentives and benefits of publishing the data. The monetization paths are highly beneficial for the agent developers of the Fetch.ai ecosystem and the data publishers at the IOTA network. In order to preserve data integrity, the data points chronicled by the agents of Fetch.ai are stored at the network of IOTA.

The mutual discoverability of data between producers and consumers of data will help create an unlimited number of use-cases for societies, industries, institutions, and businesses. The partnership shall also enable the Fetch.ai and IOTA tokens to play a significant role in the ecosystem of Web 3.0, thereby giving a new identity to the users as customers of the platforms. Hence, according to this update and our IOTA prediction, the ecosystem might register comprehensive growth over time. At present, the two platforms are looking forward to operating the blockchain-agnostic agents of Fetch.ai on many Blockchains for providing faster, more efficient, and fair automated services.

Trevor Holman

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