Fetch.ai launches BlockAgent with Chainlink for blockchain insights

Fetch.ai incorporates Chainlink and BlockAgent, the latest toolkit for real-world tracking of blockchain functions.

BlockAgent is an automated tool that gathers real-world transaction data for the benefit of users and incorporates it within the users’ mechanisms. This helps in paving the way for better blockchain understanding. The tool comes with a custom-built interface and assists in clearing the bottlenecks that builders encounter while working with smart contracts across multiple blockchains. 

For the purpose of alleviating user exposure and simplifying blockchain data, BlockAgent utilizes Fetch.ai’s AI Agent technology to bring about real-world tracking. It provides the opportunity for users to be able to establish notifications, as well as alerts pertaining to smart contracts; added to that, it offers in-depth know-how on contract implementations, keeping track of token transfers, and releasing events at the time of accessibility to outside data. 

BlockAgent has incorporated Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network. This helps users redeem historical price data through a Fetch.ai representative. Users have the option of offering a backed asset moniker related to Chainlink’s records, while DeltaV’s LLM interface collects the ticker symbol. This allows data to be redeemed from various chains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum. 

The multiple features of BlockAgent bring varied use cases to the table, such as NFT marketplace and portfolio tracking, copy trading, and others. Users have the option of utilizing BlockAgent to build and position a representative that releases specified NFT contract transactions, implements trading, and tracks trading on selective liquidity pools and decentralized exchanges. 

Other use cases involve initiating effective trading on decentralized exchanges, controlling governance activities pertaining to DAOs, and offering real records to adhere to the set rules. 

AI agent technology boosts BlockAgent’s inventiveness. These Agents provide real-world know-how across various blockchains. They create a responding base that can foresee blockchain data and other abilities. BlockAgent backs the big players in blockchain, such as Polygon and Ethereum.

David Cox

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