Few and Far successfully delivers the FnF Wallet

Few and Far has managed to successfully deliver their FnF Wallet, which is an in-app wallet that has been duly created on NEAR. This will provide the opportunity for users to be able to onboard, as well as update their individual profiles and carry out trading activities. They will also be in the position of connecting with their digital collectibles. According to the entity, the FnF Wallet has paved the way for what they call the FnF Wallet generator. 

Some of the prime features that come with the FnF Wallet is that it helps to make onboarding much more convenient. It can be linked with a user’s present crypto wallet. It is provided with a wallet recovery password. There is also the facility for wallet funding. An important feature is the in-app wallet incorporation. It also comes with an export wallet. 

In the case of the FnF Wallet Generator, this is what the team at Few and Far is creating as a developer solution. This gives the option for brands to be able to incorporate the FnF Wallet within their very own applications, along with websites, in the form of a white-labeled product. 

However, to boost the FnF Wallet Generator and to bring NFTs within reach of the users, Few and Far is building Wallets with the help of Email. In this scenario, developers are able to program the capability in order to help users in building wallets through the usage of an email address. The users then find themselves in the position of being capable of minting NFTs and also controlling their collections with the utilization of the FnF Wallet. 


Brands are able to heighten the overall exposure inside of the Web3 arena through the building of private brand marketplaces having no code customization. They can also play on the interface components so as to remain in tandem with the brand image. They are able to mint NFTs straight to email Ids.  

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