Fezoo exchange presale becomes a beacon for Litecoin & Wrapped BNB holders amidst Bitcoin halving

The Bitcoin halving is anticipated to bring a surge in price throughout the crypto ecosystem. However, as everyone in the crypto community waits, Litecoin and Wrapped BNB holders look to double their profits as they lock in on the Fezoo exchange, which stands to be the next leading crypto exchange.

Is Litecoin’s uptrend a pumpfake?

The daily chart on Litecoin shows a consistent uptrend, with a 6.1% increase within the last seven days. Analysts say the rise in Litecoin’s price is due to an increase in its supply and its hash rate rising in view of Bitcoin’s halving.

Also, Litecoin seems to be forming a bearish trend, which analysts suggest investors can collectively correct with active participation in the network. There has been reduced network activity, and whales are not active. If left unchecked, Litecoin could spiral into a bear market in the aftermath of the halving of bitcoin.

However, Grayscale recently acquired 32,000 Litecoins, valued at $2.7 million at the current market price. In addition, Litecoin enthusiasts speculate a surge in price of up to 300X based on the chart’s uptrend over the past seven days.

Wrapped BNB may reach a new all-time high sooner than expected

Wrapped BNB, a token of BNB designed to foster interoperability with the Ethereum Blockchain, has been on a price hike since October 2023. It is currently at $586.29, only $141.12 below its all-time high of $730.41 (at the time of writing).

Further, the token has experienced an impressive 83% growth in the past year. This indicates a generally bullish trend. Although the market is very volatile, with the ripple of the Bitcoin halving effect taking place, Wrapped BNB may shatter the current all-time high sooner than expected.

Fezoo’s decentralized exchange sets up the new standard  for crypto exchanges 

The Fezoo exchange is a decentralized platform at stage one of its presale, selling for $0.013. It focuses on connecting users around the world and offering seamless crypto transactions.

The exchange offers users a transparent trading experience as Fezoo will compete for the lowest fees on all DEXs.

Further, investors will earn passive income through their token stakes, which will provide liquidity to famous trading pairs on the Fezoo exchange. In addition, presale investors will share 50% of the trading fees, proportional to each individual’s holdings. Users on the exchange will not require KYC. Fezoo will also offer instant deposits and withdrawals and a wide variety of markets on which investors can trade or add liquidity.

To learn more about the Fezoo presale, click here.

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