Filecoin & DAI traders pivot to VC Spectra: Eyeing 627% presale surge

Filecoin (FIL) and DAI investors are pretty disappointed in the performance of these tokens. That’s why we recommend you something new. VC Spectra (SPCT) comes with excellent perks and a 627% surge while in presale. So, instead of wasting time, become an SPCT holder and experience unique benefits!

Filecoin (FIL) continues to drop: What’s next?

Filecoin started out in 2023 on a bullish run. This was because it partnered with Lockheed Martin, so it could develop a program that would help Filecoin to send the Interplanetary File System into space. Unfortunately, this didn’t last for long.

After that, the crypto market entered an unfavorable period which affected all coins. Therefore Filecoin (FIL) lost 11.86% during the previous month. On top of that, its trading volume was also down, showing investors didn’t believe in the performance of Filecoin.

But the downward trend continued. A week ago, Filecoin failed to surpass its resistance level of $6.50 after falling to $4.30. This is because Filecoin is highly volatile and has drastic price fluctuations. Currently, FIL is available for $4.21 after recording a decrease of 0.75%.

However, crypto analysts believe that as Filecoin (FIL) lowers its decline rate, it will rebound and surge above $6.

DAI investors can’t move from a bearish run

DAI started going downward the previous month and hasn’t recovered since. The main reason for this is the bad market conditions that contributed to a decline in the price of DAI by 0.04% in one month. Then, DAI made a comeback, but it wasn’t enough. DAI rebounded, but it fell again.

More precisely, DAI announced that Spark Protocol managed to hit a new ATH and surpassed the mark of 10 million DAI tokens! Therefore, DAI returned on a bullish run for a while. However, it returned among bears again. Bitcoin and Ethereum were showing red signs, affecting DAI and lowering its price by 0.04%.

Luckily, MakerDAO announced it would invest its DAI tokens in assets like short-term US Treasuries and corporate bonds that grant dividends. Due to this, DAI is currently up by 0.02%. However, its trading volume is still down by 0.70%.

Experts believe that this activity will help DAI return among bulls and stay on a positive price movement for a longer period.


VC Spectra (SPCT) emerges as one of the best crypto projects

VC Spectra is a revolutionary decentralized hedge fund with many investor benefits. It runs on trustless and transparent blockchain infrastructure and provides dividends and buybacks from your investments’ profits.

VC Spectra (SPCT) also grants access to crypto ICOs during private seed sale events and complete voting rights. But that’s not all! The platform also uses peer-to-peer trading and asset management that don’t require intermediaries.

Moreover, SPCT holders will benefit from high-potential investment opportunities as VC Spectra evaluates multiple crypto projects. VC Spectra (SPCT) employs algorithmic and systematic trading strategies to offer only the best options.

What’s more, VC Spectra provides SPCT tokens, which within two weeks of seed sale, raised $2.4 million. SPCT tokens are BRC-20 standard ones and enable you to engage in exchanging, decentralized trading, paying transaction fees, and managing your assets.

Recently, SPCT tokens entered Stage 2 of the public presale and got a 37.5% price boost. Now, they are available for $0.011 and can provide an additional 627% surge before the presale ends. Then, after VC Spectra sells another 125 million tokens, it’ll enter Stage 3 and expect a 127.27% surge and a token price of $0.025. However, as soon as the presale ends, SPCT tokens will cost $0.08!

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