FilSwan Collaborates With Chainlink to Secure Oracle Services

FilSwan, contract-based multi-chain storage, announced its recent integration with Chainlink, the leading decentralized Oracle network. This collaboration enables FilSwan to access top-notch real-time market rates. 

FinSwan is popular for offering decentralized Oracle storage, computing, and secure payment access to web3 developers. In contrast, Chainlink Oracle networks provide a reliable medium between external API and off-chain computations. With this multichain storage, the users have benefited from USDC payment, five Filecoin backup nodes, and polygon cross-chain ZK proof with high data security.

Partnering with Chainlink also includes receiving reliable, seamless fluctuating data in the market. This reflects the users’ accurate, fair market prices during multi-chain storage transactions. Chainlink provides fair real-time market asset prices from all Oracle platforms.

FilSwan founder Charles Cao said integrating decentralized storage technologies and Filecoin infrastructure development brought connectivity to the Multichain ecosystem.

After teaming with Chainlink, FilSwan founder Charles Cao said that, along with immense experience with Filecoin infrastructure multi-chain technologies, they had created some advanced tools to enhance multi-chain decentralized storage in the Oracle ecosystem. 

Chainlink price feed provides exclusive data, personal data security, a decentralized Oracle node, and a robust reputed system that compares the historical and actual time of Oracle networks and node operators.

The achievements and awards are drawing attention and attracting crowds among web3 users.

Trevor Holman

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