FinTech4Good Convenes 2019 NYC Security Token Forum on April 12

Following the success of the DC Security Token Night last month, FinTech4Good will host the 2019 New York Security Token Forum (NYSTF2019) on April 12th in the Time Square Tower, New York City.

Security Token Offering (STO) has emerged as a new and compliant model to raise fund in 2018. It is estimated that STOs will grow to $10 trillion in the coming 10 years. However, STO is still in a very early stage and many traditional investors and companies are not well informed of the potential challenges and benefits of security tokens. Hosted by FinTech4Good in collaboration with Blockchain Economist Show and BlockGlobe, the NYSTF brings together issuance platforms, exchanges, advisory firms, law firms, investors and regulators to discuss issues around challenges and opportunities associated with the mainstreaming of STO.

“We have been following closely of the global token markets in the past few years”, said Xiaochen Zhang, the president of FinTech4Good, “Combining the strength of the tools and legal framework in the traditional security market with the liquidity associated with tokenization, Security Token Offering presents some of the most promising opportunities in the financial markets. However, there are some key questions yet to be answered. Is STO going to be only another hype or can it be applied to transform capital markets? What new standards and protocols should be developed to the new asset class? Who are the key players? Is the current legal framework adequate in enabling innovations and protect investors at the same time? The goal of the NYSTF2019 is to bring the world-class experts to ask some of the toughest questions, surface some initial answers and build consensus in moving this industry forward.”

Here are the 3 things you should know about the 2019 NYC Security Token Forum

1. NYSTF features some of the most influential speakers in the security token industry

  • Jeff Bandman, the Founder and Principal of Bandman Advisors was known as the Founding Director and architect of LabCFTC. He established and chaired the CFTC blockchain, virtual currency and FinTech working group from inception in 2015.  Jeff led FinTech and RegTech coordination with domestic and international regulators and led an international regulator workstream on post-trade digital innovation.
  • Vincent Molinari is the Co-Founder of Templum, Inc, and the CEO of its subsidiary, Templum Markets, LLC., a FINRA Registered Broker-Dealer and Alternative Trading System. Mr. Molinari has fostered over 30 years of securities industry experience and a recognized thought leader and noted global speaker in the securities space that has authored Comment Letters and Rulemaking Petitions for global regulators, including the SEC and FINRA.
  • Frank Walczak, a director of business development at tZERO, a security token trading platform which began trading in January 2019, is a veteran in the global foreign exchange trading whose deep knowledge in both token and non-token security trading will add great value to the Forum. OKCoin is a leading global digital exchange which has a long history in the digital asset space. Considering the new reality,
  • Wilfred Daye’s insights may shed lights on how traditional digital exchanges could adapt in the era of security tokens.
  • Brian Korn is a partner at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips and leads the firm’s fintech practice. Brian, together with Lewis Cohen, Greg Strong and Habeeb Syed, will be able to provide a deep-dive of the legal aspect of STOs. This list can go on and on. In the 2019 NYSTF, more than 30 leading speakers will discuss some of the most exciting topics in the industry. Come to join us to get your questions answered.

2. A STO Handbook is going to be launched by the STO Council in the NYSTF

Initiated by FinTech4Good in 2018, the STO Council was established to connect professionals in the STO industry and provide them with tools and other resources to launch successful security token offerings and support the emergence of a healthy global security token ecosystem. During the Forum, the STO Council will launch the new STO Handbook to provide a step by step guide on how to issue security token offering in the U.S. Come to join the Forum to get your complimentary copy.

3. 50+ media partners from 6 countries in 4 languages will cover the NYSTF

As one of the most anticipated industry forums, NYSTF will be covered by some of the most influential medias from the U.S.A, U.K., China, Japan, South Korea, and India. In addition, industry associations such as Chamber of Digital Commerce, British Blockchain Association, Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association and industrial partners such as CoinStreet, KoreConX, World Blockchain Forum, and FINWEX will make great efforts in reaching out to their communities. A complete list of partners and sponsors can be viewed below. Join our startup pitch during the Forum to lift your brand and strengthen your community building efforts in 6 countries.

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