Fireblocks now supports Avalanche Spruce subnet

Fireblocks has announced support for Avalanche subnet, Spruce. The development is specifically aimed at assisting financial institutions that are exploring ways to experiment with blockchain infrastructure without putting their capital at risk. The environment will carry a lower risk for the EVM-based testnet.

Spruce will enable institutional blockchain deployments. Several institutions have already started joining the testnet. The initial utility will be limited to evaluating how trades are executed and settled on-chain. Moreover, the financial institutions will also draw a picture of advantages that they can leverage in the times to come.

It will not be restricted to select assets and applications. The testing phase will look to cover different assets and applications, giving the institutions a better idea of how they can expand their collaboration with Fireblocks.

Varul Paul from Fireblocks has expressed their excitement by calling this development a step forward for the adoption of digital assets. The Director for CDBC & Market Infrastructure has acknowledged the momentum that has been gained by the Spruce subnet. It has partnered with a lot of big names, allowing them to engage with public blockchain infrastructure in a low-risk manner.

Spruce has a lot of advantages that financial institutions cannot simply choose to ignore. The top three note-worthy advantages of Spruce are permissioned access, sampling of DeFi applications, and testnet environment.

Only entities that have been through the KYC process get to join the list. This is made sure by a permissioned validator which is offered by the Subnet. Often referred to as KYC’d entities, they qualify solely on the grounds of gaining approval through the process.

The number of applications in the DeFi sphere has tremendously increased, and so has the number of apps that barely come in handy for being effective. A sampling of DeFi applications by Spruce makes sure that the financial institutions get access to bluechip applications launched on the Subnet. The kind of environment that follows is categorized as controlled, helping the institutions to explore the landscape at minimal risk.

However, capital is entirely courtesy of the testnet environment, which ensures that it has little chance of getting drained amid the volatile conditions. Institutions that participate in the Subnet continue to gain access to the full set of functionality of the architecture.

The announcement was made by Fireblocks and then shared by Avalanche, where the community has expressed its happiness with the development. Some have even taken the liberty to word-play by saying that it is fire that Fireblocks has joined Avalanche. Others have expressed their satisfaction with the kind of progress that Avalanche is making in current times.


True, since it is only a matter of a few weeks since Avalanche announced launching Avalanche Evergreen Subnets. It basically enables institutions to leverage the power of public blockchain development, compossibility, and interoperability. Fireblocks joining Avalanche is indeed a step forward in the financial sector with the mission of boosting the adoption of digital assets.

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